Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wild ginger

Since I had a doctor's appointment and didn't have wheels, I tagged along with my mom today. She met her friends at Wild Ginger in Kaimuki for lunch. This place serves Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines.

This place had mixed reviews, but I'm glad we didn't listen to the bad reviews, because the food was actually really good.

I don't have any pictures of the food because like I said, I was tagging along with my mom and didn't want to embarass her in front of her friends.

Anyway, we had the spring rolls, beef salad (very spicy), spicy mango sauce chicken (real chunks of mango!), eggplant garlic sauce tofu, the house crispy noodles and the fried snapper (fried snapper placed on top of thai curry then coated with another spicy sauce). Everything was very tasty with just enough spices. Price per person (there were 6 of us) came out to about US$13 (with tip).

The parking is quite small, but located in the back. It is several doors down from Harry's Music.

Wild Ginger (UPDATE: this place is now closed)
3441 Waialae Avenue at 9th Avenue
Kaimuki, Oahu
Phone: 808.738.1168


rowena said...

Heh heh...I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to embarrass your mom's friends. Same here whenever we dine out w/friends. I still bring my camera though...hiding in the bottom of my bag!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Yum! Sounds like an awesome lunch! You just made me realize how STARVING I am right now!

K & S said...

Hi Rowena,
I keep my camera with me at all times too now, never know when you can get a good shot of something.

Hi Jenndz,
I hope your lunch was great too :)

Take care you two.

TM said...

Lol, that is very cute and sweet about not wanting to embarass your Mom! The lunch sounds delicious anyway! :)

K & S said...

Thanks TM, it was great, maybe you could check this place out the next time you are here.

Take care.

RONW said...

The day you leave your camera at home, something pops up as thing would have it.

Barbara said...

Happy Easter Kat

K & S said...

Oh I had my camera, RONW, just didn't want to bust it out in front of my mom's friends :)

Happy Easter Barbara!

Take care you two.