Saturday, August 06, 2011

the patisserie

patisserie Taking a little break from baking, we went to pick-up some lunch from The Patisserie.

They opened a little cafe in Waimalu, I think some time last year.

Mom ordered a roast beef sandwich on honey whole wheat, she chose all the veggies and added some swiss cheese.

Dad wanted a turkey sandwich on honey whole wheat, we also added all the veggies and kept his sandwich without cheese. (no photo)

Their sandwiches were packed with meat!

Another good thing is that they wrap each half in parchment paper, so you could save your other half if you were having dessert...ahem!

patisserie2 I ordered the B.L.A.T. on 10-grain, I didn't get to chose veggies but I opted not to put any cheese in there.

I loved this sandwich, it may look like it was mostly lettuce but there was avocado and crispy bacon in every bite!

Of course, we also ordered a slice of black forest cake, a slice of apple pie and a chocolate donut.

Mom thought the black forest cake was so-so.

The apple pie that Dad ate, he said was good.

And the donut that I ordered was moist, though the chocolate that was piped in the center was way too sweet for me.

My only peeve was the refrigerated case with the donuts in them had some moths in there (alive!)...eew!

The prices of the sandwiches were really reasonable, the veggies fresh and delicious too.

We'll be back for sandwiches and cakes, and maybe donuts if they clean out that case.

The Patisserie (UPDATE: 2014 this shop is closed)
Waimalu Shopping Plaza
Aiea, Hawaii
Phone: 808.484.1299


Rowena... said...

Well that is the first time I've heard of moths in a cold case. I thought they liked the warmth! Huge sandwiches but I knew you wouldn't pass on dessert!

K said...

LOVE BLAT sandwiches!

The moths though...eeeek!

Japan Australia said...

Those sandwiches look huge. Did you manage to get through it all?

Japan Australia

K and S said...

I thought it was weird that they were still alive too Rowena.

yeah, you're a BLAT lover too K :)

I did J-A, my parents didn't though.

Take care everyone.