Sunday, August 07, 2011


grylt We had another errand to run on Friday, so we stopped into GRYLT (grilled) in the Manoa Marketplace.

Some of my twitter friends had tweeted about it and they sounded good so we went to check them out.

Um, if you open at 11:00, I think you should be ready for business, not still running around behind the counter at 11:15 when we walked in the door.

The Braised Kalbi sandwich which is on their menu and apparently the special sandwich of the month, was not available...I can see if we came mid-day after the lunch crowd, but at the beginning of the day?! WT?!

I ordered the Mediterranean salad with shrimp, it was supposed to come with caramelized pecans, bleu cheese, balsamic onions, sun-dried tomatoes, apple slices and baby spinach...please caramelize the pecans they were totally stale and soft because they weren't caramelized.

Partly our fault for not checking, but utensils should be given with items being taken out...luckily we ate at home...we ordered more things but I won't go into much detail only to say that the steak they served was very tender.

These guys have only been open since mid-June, but if things are this spotty, unorganized and slow, I don't know that they will last...hope to see you around next year when I'm home.

Manoa Marketplace
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.988.7832


Rick said...

Too bad they didn't have the kalbi sandwich. It tasted great, but kind of small so I was still very hungry after eating it. It's interesting that they were so disorganized, especially since they had their grand opening on Wednesday night. said...

Very good blog.

K and S said...

it was kinda bad Rick...hope they can work things out.

thanks Abebe!

Take care you two.

Japan Australia said...

Doesn't sound too great and hope they can improve on that performance if they want to keep customers.

Japan Australia

Rowena... said...

Looks like they could use some extra help, or atleast help that is more dependable. How can you run out of a monthly special???!

K and S said...

hope so too J-A!

I know Rowena :0

Take care you two.

ParisBreakfasts said...

No utensils with takeout food is sooo frustrating - it just happened to me with a cup of ice cream at fancy La Maison du Chocolat ($4.50 too)
What recourse dose one have?
Can one sue?
Especially if you dribbled ice cream down your front in addition..
Nothing worse than stale pecans..

jalna said...

Ai, wonder if couple people called in sick maybe. Too bad. Stuff like that happening make people not go back.

K and S said...

I say suing is an option PB ;)

dunno but I hope they can get it together Jalna!

Take care you two.

K said...

That is such a big pet peeve of mine, when places are still getting ready well after their opening time!

K and S said...

it is kind of unprofessional if you ask me K :(

Take care.