Tuesday, September 06, 2011

he'eia kea pier

heeia (4) First off, the damage from the typhoon here in Japan was pretty massive with many deaths and people missing due to landslides and flooding, I hope these areas will be able to re-build quickly and I hope they will be able to find those that are missing.

While I was in Hawaii, my cousin and her family were also vacationing, so we met up with them at He'eia Kea Pier for lunch.

Apparently this place had closed down and then was re-opened by an up and coming chef.

Set right on the water, this place has great views of the ocean as well as beautiful views of the mountains.

Since it is on the Windward side of the island, it can get kinda wet, but we were lucky that it was just cloudy that day.

heeia I chose the Kim Chee burger which was one of the daily specials.

Oozy cheese, a little mayo, lots of kim chee and a juicy burger...how can you go wrong with that?!

Cousin P's son, K inhaled his cheeseburger before I could get a shot of it...you know he must've been hungry and it must've been good!

heeia (5) My mom and F chose the Guava chicken...this is chicken marinated in a guava-soy based sauce then grilled...so moist and flavorful!

K also had some pieces of guava chicken...he must've really been hungry!

heeia (6) My cousin, P chose the Hamburger Steak plate...juicy burger smothered in gravy, she loved it.

I know if Satoshi had been with us he'd would've wanted to add an egg to that (can you say, "Loco Moco!")

heeia (1) Everything is cooked to order, so expect to wait.

For the price, the plates are definitely worth more than the burgers, but it was a great place to eat, good food, and while you wait you can chat with all sorts of people...only in Hawaii.

We'll be back.

He'eia Kea Pier General Store & Deli
46-499 Kamehameha Highway
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Phone: 808.235.2192
Closed Mondays
Open Tuesday-Sunday 7:00-16:00

p.s. this is my last Hawaii post, now my friends and family can all go on their "diets" that I ruined while I was home...until next year people!


K said...

Everything looks great! Love the idea of kimchi on a burger.

Rick said...

Yum! Again you make it somewhere I haven't yet! Too bad we weren't able to meet at any tweetup or coffee.

Dennis K. said...

Always love your Hawaii posts. Thanks for Sharing Kat!

jalna said...

Looks so good! Going check um out next time I'm in the area.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat!

I like kim chee very much. The Kim Chee buger does not look very tasty, but I would like to try it ^-


K and S said...

definitely a must-try K!

next year for sure Rick, unless you come to Osaka before that :)

Thanks Dennis!

hope you like it Jalna!

It does look a bit "ugly", definitely good though, Kelis

Take care everyone!

2kamuela47 said...

Looks so ono! Have to go there soon...thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you!

Japan Australia said...

The kimchi burger sounds amazing and I love a spicy burger :)

Japan Australia

Rowena... said...

Doh! The typhoon...now that might explain why the japanese chimney sweep reps weren't there. Looks like a meal(s) that would induce immediate polynesian paralysis. I don't think I could even eat dinner later on after all that!

K and S said...

Hope you enjoy it Laura!

It was definitely delish, J-A!

Ha! now that you mention the typhoon that could have been the reason Rowena :)

Take care everyone.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I have been wanting to try this place but have not made it over that way yet. ;-)

K and S said...

it is quite a drive Deb but worth it :) hope you like it!

Take care.