Friday, July 06, 2012

kamehameha bakery

DSC01580 I had seen many people posting about this bakery, Kamehameha Bakery.

Their trending item is their poi glazed doughnuts (the black-ish looking orbs).

We tried getting our hands on these a couple of times, but they were always sold out.

DSC01581 You know why? They open at 2 a.m.! So, of course when you go at 10 a.m. they are sold out of these babies.

On Saturday, luck was with us, we were early, and even though there was a line out the door, it moved fast.

We purchased 6 poi glazed, 2 very large ensemada, 1 long john and 1 glazed. $9-something, which isn't too bad considering the ensemada is the size of someone's face!

No poi taste, and the bright purple will shock you, but the poi glazed are good and soft.

DSC01582 The glazed was good also, nice and soft like Krispy Kreme only better.

Mom enjoyed the ensemada and long john. The long john cream tasted a little like haupia.

We'll be back!

Kamehameha Bakery
1339 North School Street (UPDATE: moved to City Square Shopping Center, 1284 Kalani Street, C106)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.845-5831
Monday-Friday 2:00-16:00
Saturday & Sunday 3:00-12:00


Tamakikat said...

As always enjoying your posts Kat.

Those donuts look really interesting.

I've never had a black and purple donut. I'm intrigued!

I've found a place with good old fashioned donuts with cream and jam for my next trip back home. No purple ones though:)

Wishing you and yours well.


Anonymous said...

I love doughnuts. Wish I could try those too.

K and S said...

Thanks TK! Hope you are enjoying your summer.

I hope you get a chance to try them too Anon!

Take care you two.

Mary R said...

I love the thought of a donut filled with haupia cream. Sounds delish!

jalna said...

Kam Bakery is Wendell's favorite. He is there often buying pastry for his softball team.

K said...

Yum! I'm glad you had a chance to try the elusive ones!

K and S said...

I hope you get to try something like this Mary!

Wow, he must go often Jalna :)

Thanks K!

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

2am! I'm going to have to get up early to get these when I'm home. There used to be a place in Chinatown that made awesome donuts....they used to open at midnight....can't remember the name of the place.

K and S said...

ooh if you remember the name, Kirk, let me know :)

Take care.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

You are back in Hawaii! Whoo hoo! What a nice time to be in Hawaii... I dream of going there often, but we never got out of here. Donuts look delicious! I have been on diet (sort of) and totally miss eating lots of sugary stuff.

K and S said...

yes I've been here since June, Nami :) I need to go on a diet too.

Take care.

Rowena... said...

Purple and black in a donut. I know I would love to try that one. I wonder if they use fresh or dried poi.

K and S said...

I was thinking they fry up their taro rolls for this Rowena :)

Take care.

Kathy YL Chan said...

Those poi doughnuts are definitely going to the top of my to-eat list next time I'm home. Love this post ^_^

K and S said...

I hope you like them Kathy!

Take care.