Monday, November 30, 2015

culture shock

IMG_4159 Saturday morning I got to meet up with Phil, his wife and a friend.

Yup, Phil got married!

His wife is so nice, and his friend so funny.

It was nice chatting with all of them and also catching up with Phil.

Phil was nice to give us some items from his wedding.

A couple of strawberry crunch chocolates.

And an orange cake...both heart shaped, of course!

According to the language of flowers, oranges mean "a bride's happiness"

And did you know that the symbol for weddings are oranges and the blossoms? I didn't.

According to the little note included with the Juchheim orange pound cake, when Zeus married Hera, he gave her some oranges and from that day on, oranges and its blossoms were considered symbols of weddings and the tradition is still upheld.

IMG_4163 All the best Phil & R!

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