Wednesday, January 20, 2016

culture shock

1.17.2016 Growing up in Hawaii, we never had "earthquake" drills just fire drills.

So of course, living in Japan now, we have earthquakes, luckily the ones in our area have been small (knock on wood), and to this day, I don't really know what needs to be done if a big one should ever hit...

21 years have passed since the Kobe earthquake.

Sunday morning our city sounded a siren (the first time we ever heard it!) and then when we walked around the neighborhood, we noticed all these yellow towels on door knobs, hanging on gates and out of mailboxes.

After coming back, we looked in our city "manual" and it said that you put something yellow on your door to let the city officials know you are safe.

Good to know.

We have some items in our emergency bags, but I think we need to add a couple of yellow towels.

Do you have earthquake drills where you live?


Kris said...

I had them in school here in Washington State in the 70s. I still remember "duck, cover, and hold" which meant shield your head with your arms, take cover under your desk or table, and hold onto the leg of the desk/table so that it didn't "run away" from you during the shaking. Luckily, we never needed to try it for real!

K and S said...

Thanks Kris! I'm glad you never needed to use it too!

Take care:)

KirkK said...

No earthquake drills here Kat......just earthquakes

alibaba37 said...

Growing up in Los Angeles, we always had earthquake drills. My four year old recently had one at school too and they are still the same, just like Kris above said! I HATE,HATE earthquakes (in case you were wondering.)

K and S said...

scary Kirk, scary!

even the teeny ones scare the bejeezus out of me alibaba37!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

unfortunately this country's government is too unorganized to have such a thing, or people wouldn't "do as instructed" anyway because it's in their genetics.

K and S said...

that is scary Rowena :o

Take care.

Rowena said...

well maybe I was being too "harsh", and maybe I should be lifting eyebrows at the hard head old folks. basic stuff like cleaning your ears with q-tips, or flossing your teeth, are things that my in-laws don't/didn't do because their doctor says it'll only make the wax stay stuck in their ears! i also read an italian women's health forum once and a doctor said that wearing panty liners is bad for hygiene! and totally off subject, but my mil once mentioned a diet (to lose weight) that her doc put her on. it was called the "white" diet: white bread, white pasta, and forgot the 3rd item (maybe was sugar, haha). hello...too much carbs make you gain, not lose! sorry for ranting, but you'd think that by now these peeps would be up to speed.

K said...

That's a good and simple plan - great idea!

K and S said...

lol Rowena :) you can rant anytime!

indeed K!

Take care you two.