Wednesday, August 24, 2016

culture shock

Untitled Awhile back we received this 20 liter box of mineral water from Satoshi's friend.

Satoshi says we received one many moons ago from the same friend, but I don't remember. (sorry!)

Untitled Anyway, I was really impressed with the nozzle to pour the water.

It looks like those tabs when you open a shoyu or vinegar bottle here in Japan.

Untitled But, instead of a soft plastic, it is kinda stretchy like a rubber band.

Pull on it and the water comes out, release and the water stops.

Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the water coming out.

We opened the box at the beginning of August and are almost finished drinking the 20 liters...we really appreciated this gift (thank you!)


Rowena said...

for some strange reason when I saw that, I thought of how it would come in handy on a camping trip out in the wild. 20 liters is a nice amount!

jalna said...

So nice!!

sheri miya said...

Very handy!

KirkK said...

That box must have been pretty heavy!

K and S said...

it would definitely be good for camping, Rowena!

indeed Jalna!

for sure, Sheri!

man, you should've seen the delivery guy lug it up to our apartment, Kirk! (no elevator where we live!)

Take care everyone!