A little about us:

Kat grew up in Hawaii and majored in Japanese. Satoshi grew up in Kyoto and majored in baseball (well, actually economics).

Kat studied in Japan for 2 semesters, which is how she learned to speak Japanese through her host-family and Japan university life (lots of drinking).

We met in Hawaii while working together at a travel agency.

We love to travel and to check out baseball games (Kat actually loves to check out the concession stand).

Recently, Kat has become a foodie and has dragged Satoshi into it too.

Now Satoshi is usually the one to say "picture? picture?" primping his food for a pic before eating his meal.

This blog was started in 2005 in hopes of not overloading our friend's and family's email inboxes with our adventures.

Who would have thought we'd have made friends all over the world.

Hope you enjoy our adventures in Japan (and sometimes Hawaii).

We'd love to hear from you!

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--Kat & Satoshi