Thursday, March 31, 2022

sakura walk

Satoshi had an errand to run so we met up at Nishimagome afterwards.

They have a sakura promenade which we've known about since we've moved here but have never checked out until today.

Pretty and reminded us of the street in Minoo that we used to check out during sakura season.
We picked up lunch at Super Kitamura and then hopped on a bus to Kanagawa prefecture.
I wanted to check out Minami Kawara Park.
How cute is this grandma with her pet turtle?!
So many people out and about.
And then we walked home.
Krazy art...
Neighborhood pocket park.
This photo was from Minami Kawara Park but got "lost" when I uploaded it.
The pretty season is almost over...

17588...the weather is kinda humid and overcast.

Short video here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

satoshi's videos

Here are Satoshi's videos...they are in German though.
He did these himself, impressive yeah?!
If you point the Google Translate's Camera at the video, it will translate from German to English while you watch it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

sakura walk

Today was cloudy...but we got out and about to Meguro.

Daienji which has 500 Jizo statues...amazing.

Down the street...ARCO Tower, where you can see the sakura on the Meguro River.
Next door...Gajoen Tokyo...a fancy!
And huge! Apparently this was the first hotel to have wedding/banquet facilities in Japan.

Meguro River near Meguro Station.
Meguro Fudoson
Lunch...dry curry at Minatoya...ono!
Gohyaku Rakanji (Temple housing 500 statues of Buddha's disciples) pretty!

Musashikoyama shopping arcade.
Dinner from Hinoki Sushi...580 yen (tax included)
snacks from Komine Bakery...butter & cake croissant.
fried cream pan...filled with custard.

16228...cold snap and cloudy.

It was nice to explore though.

Short video here.


2-23-16 Shimomeguro

Meguro, Tokyo

Hours: 11:30-14:00 (lunch: Mondays-Thursdays), 18:00-22:00 (dinner: Mondays-Thursdays)

18:00-22:00 (Fridays & Saturdays), 17:30-22:00 (Sundays)

Hinoki Sushi

1-9-2 Haramachi

Meguro, Tokyo

Closed Wednesdays

Hours: 10:00-20:00

Komine Bakery

4-3-5 Koyama

Shinagawa, Tokyo

Open daily 7:00-20:00

Monday, March 28, 2022

sakura walk

Today was forecast as cloudy but it turned out to be pretty nice.

We headed out early to Shibuya to check out Sakurazaka.

A really short street, but beautiful!

Interesting looking school.
Taihu Brewing...
Krazy cloud

Baseball season...

Tokyo people...check out how high her shoes were...AND she ran! across as soon as it was safe to cross... was nice to be out and about.

Made a short video if you are

Friday, March 25, 2022

this and that

(photo...1957 Cadillac) Sunday, Tokyo's sakura was declared "in season"...if you remember, the weather dude looks at a certain tree in a designated area and if he sees 5 flowers blooming, he declares the sakura season to begin.

In Osaka, the tree was located near Osaka Castle.  In Tokyo, the tree is located near Yasukuni Shrine.

(photo...tiny Nissan pickup) Tuesday, Mother Nature decided to "fling" us back into Winter with a cold snap…it was raining and at times snowing.

On top of that, since the power plant run by Tokyo Electric needs to recover from that krazy earthquake the other day, Tokyo as well as 7 other prefectures were asked by Tokyo Electric to conserve electricity.

akabanamitsumata (edgeworthia chrysantha)
tsubaki (camellia)
Tried Oogoshi's daigaku imo...hint of dashi (stock)

Not overly sweet..delicious.

Teriyaki chicken sandwich from Sakaeya Bakery

Learned that these are disc fish.

Was in awe that these are in the waiting room of a dentist that we passed by.
Gadget we have to "fluff" up our futon (comforters) has an attachment to dry shoes...

For all the good left in the world, hoping Ukraine will prevail and the war ends soon.

Have a safe weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Went to Oomori yesterday to buy some coffee beans.

I had thought these sakura trees were kawazuzakura but looked at our ward's page and these were noted as a variety called yoko.

Love the dark pink color.

While waiting for the train to the anime type billboards.
Cup sake...bought the sake for hubs and the cups for me...he he
Neko neko bread...these are supposed to be strawberry swirled.

We ate this with cream cheese this morning and it was so good.

You could smell the strawberry as it toasted.

This type of bread is a bit pricey to eat every day (250 yen or so, a slice), but would be nice to give away.

300 yen (tax included) bento from Oogoshi.

Croquette and grilled salmon.


I also purchased some kinmedai nitsuke (simmered splendid alfonsino)...400 yen (tax included) each for our dinner.

Love how they also pack some "gravy", to pour on top when I reheated this.

The wind was fahreezing yesterday but it was nice to get out and about after the rain/snow.