Tuesday, October 19, 2021

kirin coffee

Back in April we took out Kirin Coffee's egg sandwich.

Fast forward to October and we had lunch there.

I ordered their spice curry...the coffee rice is cooked with coffee, surprisingly it wasn't bitter.

Their curry was rich with chunks of beef, carrots and potatoes.

Satoshi ordered their udon napolitan.

The noodles cooked until soft and their tomato sauce is not sweet.

Both meals come with a small salad and drink of choice.

I ordered an iced coffee while Satoshi ordered hot coffee.

Love their different coffee cups.
Kirin means giraffe in Japanese and you can find giraffes just about everywhere in the cafe.
Love the sink outside of the bathroom too.

Everything was delicious and we already know what we want to eat the next time, we'll be back.

Kirin Coffee
7-7-20 Omorinishi
Ota, Tokyo
Phone: 03.6424.4275
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Hours: Weekdays 7:00-20:00, Saturdays & Sundays 8:30-20:00

Monday, October 18, 2021


Kirinkan is a non-profit organization that provides work opportunities for people with disabilities.

One event that they have a few times a month is "pan no hi"...bread day.

I've often seen their flyers but have never been able to check them out until last Thursday.

We picked up a few of their baked items to try.

Chocolate walnut.

Earl Grey cream.
Filled with lots of tea flavored custard.
Filled with walnuts and dark chocolate cream.
We also tried their curry pan and chikuwa pan.

The curry pan had curry and cheese in it...delicious.

Their chikuwa pan was interesting, there was a 3 or 4 inch sized chikuwa filled with cheese running lengthwise and aonori worked into the dough...it was also glazed with some okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes...so ono!

I'm glad we got to try these and it was a nice way to support a local N.P.O.

We'll be back.


3-19-1 Nishikamata, Hasunuma Fureai Center 2F

Ota, Tokyo

Friday, October 15, 2021

this and that

Saw some figs at the market, pretty sure these are the end of the season.

I put them on top of toast with cream cheese and some proscuitto...delicious!

If I had some honey I would've drizzled a little on there too.

Love social media for all the info!

One of my IG friends who also lives nearby posted about visiting a bakery, Pan to Espresso to (literally bread & espresso &)

This bakery's main shop is near Omotesando and when we lived in Osaka I got to try one of their franchise shops there.

They now have about 12 around Japan and I think 1 overseas.

Anyway, since Satoshi was going out on an errand and would eat lunch out, I went to check out this bakery.

I picked up their chili dog and carrot cake.

The chili dog was a hot dog topped with lots of tabasco, pickles, beans and cheese...mouth.on.fire....but meh! not what I was expecting for "chili"

Their carrot cake was delicious. The cream cheese frosting tasted more like it had more yogurt than cream cheese in it which would probably explain why it was so soft.

I am glad I got to try these.

Tokyo people...this guy "sped" past me...

 As we crossed the Nomigawa, I saw what I thought was a fish coming up stream.

When it got closer though, I realized it was a rat!

It then, stopped to rest and was hanging onto the wall for dear life…eek!

Even though he saw it, Satoshi couldn't believe that rats can swim...

Tokyo's daily cases have dropped to 2-digits.  

Unfortunately, deaths in Tokyo have been around 20 a day.

A lot of prefectures around Japan have had 0 cases daily.

So far we have had about 5 waves of this virus and the experts warn that number 6 will happen, probably during the winter months.

Hopefully the government will prepare accordingly so we won't push the medical services to the extremes again. 

I hope everyone is doing well.

Have a safe weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

tokyo people

I thought all the stuffed animals she had on her bag was cute.
I focused in on his rolled up jeans.
The pattern on her shirt was so cute.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

terrace dolce

We checked out a kissaten (coffee shop) in our shopping arcade, Terrace Dolce that has been around for 40 something years.
I had their napolitan...I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't sweet like some napolitan can be from the ketchup.
Satoshi had their hamburger plate.

The soup they served with both our meals was so junk...wakame in consomme soup does not match...

The coffee is brewed by siphon method...pretty cool to watch.

 There are other items on their menu that we want to try and it was nice to listen to jazz while dining...we'll be back.

Terrace Dolce
7-64-2 Nishikamata
Ota, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3739.4840
Open daily 10:00-20:00

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

cream cheese soaked in tamari

Cream cheese worked better than mozzarella.

If you want to try, I would suggest soaking it in this mixture at least overnight.

Translated from the internet

2 tablespoons tamari shoyu

2 tablespoons mirin

1 tablespoons sake

36 grams cream cheese (2 pieces 18 grams each)

Heat mirin and sake and bring to a boil to burn off alcohol...about 3 minutes.

Take off the heat and add the shoyu

When everything is cooled, add your cheese.

NOTES: easy and tasty. 

The cream cheese I buy is in individually wrapped "cubes"/ squares that are 18 grams each.

When I made the sauce I thought it wouldn’t be enough and doubled it, so I had quite a bit leftover after soaking the cheese in it…(the recipe above is the original amounts.)

So, with part of the remaining sauce, I squeezed in some lemon to make ponzu and have been using the rest of the sauce as I would shoyu.

Something different but delicious.

I would definitely make this again.

Monday, October 11, 2021

social distance

Friday, we ate at Burger King.

It was kind of early 11:00-ish, so there were not a lot of people.

There was a table in between me and Satoshi.
Way too much ketchup in my Whopper Jr...
Don't forget to throw your rubbish into the "tarsh can"...
Everyone into Halloween these days.
Probably the largest coconut-ish planter I've seen...
Tokyo people...waiting in line for ramen or "taking some kind of class"?!

Have a good week.

Friday, October 08, 2021

this and that

Tuesday, we ate lunch at Biwako.

We've often passed this coffee shop during the pandemic and said we would eat there when it was "safer".

The shop was pretty empty when we went, which was nice.

Satoshi had their napolitan...it looked delicious.

His lunch came with a salad and drink (he chose hot coffee)...900 yen (tax included)

Satoshi also enjoyed listening in on a conversation about baseball between the owner and what we thought was a regular customer.

I had their B set...it came with half a sandwich, salad, mini dessert (I chose chocolate ice cream) and drink (I chose iced coffee).

Not bad for 770 yen (tax included), though I wish they had toasted the bread.

There are other items on their menu that we want to try, we'll be back.

The kinmokusei (sweet olive) is blooming for the 2nd time this season.

I guess the cool nights have stimulated the "late blooming" plants.

It is nice having the fragrance waft in when I open the windows in the morning.

This week, Mother Nature has been throwing us back and forth between Autumn (in the early mornings and evenings) and Summer (during the day)

  There is a different yakiimo man in our neighborhood, with a different "song" to draw people out to buy.

When he passed by our apartment, you could smell the sweet potatoes roasting, a smokey caramel smell...hopefully one day I will be able to "run down" to try to buy some. (turn your sound down if you are watching this at work).

The first part of the video is only the "song" and the last part of the video is when he passed below our apartment.

Yesterday on the train platform, I heard Satoshi yelling, "Kat, Kat!"

I turned around and he was looking at this butterfly.

He said he just saw a guy step on it!

Apparently, the guy had gotten off the train ahead of us was focused on his phone and stepped on this butterfly! poor thing!

When we lived in Osaka I would see this type of butterfly often but not so much since we moved to Tokyo.

I'm glad I didn't step on it.

Last year we tried this Marron (chestnut) stollen, I am glad they brought it back and that I was able to get one for us.

This year seems a bit early but we look forward to enjoying this after our physical check-ups in a couple of weeks.

So, since we are getting our physical check-ups done in a couple of weeks, I tell Satoshi, "so we aren't doing pupu parties until then?"

He says, "no Kat, pupu parties are mandatory"...ha!

It is kaki season but I've been noticing that most kaki are partly green at the markets.

Will wait a bit before we eat this.

Tokyo's case numbers as well as the rest of Japan have gone down quite a bit.

Hopefully we will be able to travel to Hawaii soon.

I have been keeping my eye out on the driver license website and they have (again) extended the period for renewal...whoo!

Last night there was a huge earthquake in Chiba prefecture. 

Our phones were going krazy warning us and you could hear the rumbling coming up the street. 

We shook for what felt like a long time and it almost felt like seasick type swaying afterwards…blah 

Thankful we are okay, no damage or injuries.

It was the “biggest” earthquake that we’ve experienced since moving to Japan.

Luckily this was a “deep” earthquake so the experts think there won’t be many aftershocks, if any.

These natural disasters just show us that we are connected to one another. 

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us. 

Be kind to one another.

Have a safe weekend.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

orimine bakers

I had Orimine Bakers bookemarked for some time now.

Their main shop is on the outskirts of Tsukiji.

With the pandemic, we haven't been going holo-holo (galavanting), so I've never been able to check them out.

Luckily, when we were roaming around Nihonbashi, I stumbled upon one of their shops.

It is a tiny shop with the width being only the size of someone walking sideways while looking at their display of baked items.

Perfect for pandemic shopping... going in one door...picking up all the baked goods as you side step towards the register.

Paying and then exiting out another door.

I purchased half a mini loaf of their raisin bread, a currant & nut roll, curry pan and satsumaimo danish.

I put the raisin bread and currant roll into the freezer for us to try later.

We shared the curry pan and satsumaimo danish for breakfast.

The curry pan was baked and filled with chunks of beef and potato, the outer bread was similar to a baguette...mmm!

The satsumaimo danish was so flaky! there was a little custard to hold the sweet potato onto the danish...love!

Hope to go back to one of their shops to pick up more things to try.

Orimine Bakers

1-9-6 Nihonbashiningyo-cho

Chuo, Tokyo

Phone: 03.3527.3110

Open Daily 10:30-19:00

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

unmanned bakery (part 2)

Last Wednesday, we went to check out the unmanned bakery, we arrived there a little after 19:00 (when it starts) and was surprised to see the small line waiting to buy baked goods.

The neat thing about the lockers is that you can kind of see as to what you are purchasing.

For 500 yen, our locker had 1 sesame anpan, 1 bacon potato bread, 1 ham and egg bread and 1 melon pan.

The bacon potato bread was so bland! could have used some pesto or mayo.

The other items were delicious.

I'm glad we got to try this it is a good way to get out walking at night.

Plus, the bakery can cut back on food loss.

Since the weather will be cooling down, we will try buying again in the Spring.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021


Yesterday we walked around the Nihonbashi area.

We've visited this area 10 years ago.

After having a hard time finding our bearings, we finally found the spot where the 1st post office in Japan was started. 

On the outside wall of the building, there is a plaque noting this and the building is still used as a post office.

We also found Tamahide...they have been in business since 1760!

They are well known for their oyakodon but also serve course menus too.

We thought they would be closed since we thought their website said so, but they were open and we didn't have to wait too long for a table...whoo!

The last time we ate out was back in July.

We both ordered the aburidon, broiled chicken thighs are used...the oyakodon is so huge! 1800 yen (tax included)

The chicken is cooked perfectly and the custardy egg has dashi and other seasonings mixed in it.

I couldn't eat all of it and Satoshi finished it for me.

I'm glad we got to try this place!

After lunch we walked up the street to Yanagiya, which has been in business since 1916!

Satoshi had their azuki ice monaka. 160 yen (tax included)
I had their taiyaki. 170 yen (tax included)

The weather was so blazing, that eating something piping hot was krazy (plus I was still super full from lunch), so I took a few bites then put it into my bag to eat later.

The outer part of the taiyaki was so thin and it was filled to the gills with sweet bean paste! 

I'm glad we got to try this too.

Afterwards we checked out Suitengu, a shrine where a lot of families go to get their newborn children blessed.

On our way back to Tokyo station, I was intrigued by this building...from this angle the slats are pink and green.
But from this angle it is blue and purple...cool yeah?!

16560...totally out of shape from “staying at home” plus the weather was so miserably hot.

Tokyo's state of emergency ended on Thursday and we hope to get out more often in the days to come.

p.s. Tokyo's case rate yesterday was 87!

1-17-10 Nihonbashiningyo-cho
Chuo, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3668.7651
Lunch :11:30-14:30, Dinner 17:00-20:00
*they aren't open everyday, so call before going
**cash only

2-11-3 Nihonbashiningyo-cho
Chuo, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3666.9901
Closed Sundays
Hours: 12:30-18:00

Monday, October 04, 2021

this and that

Had some photos that I haven't posted about, so I am doing another this and that post....

We tried the latest frappuccino...yakiimo (roasted sweet potato)…

I sent Satoshi to Starbucks with a note as to how to order it.

I think it is a caramel based frappuccino with yakiimo paste, bits of yakiimo and crunchy sweet potato chips on top.

I also had him add a shot of espresso which helped cut the sweetness of the drink.

I'm glad we got to try this…thanks Satoshi!

Tokyo people...the guys who maintain the train tracks.
Sumo wrestlers in our neighborhood.
Dunno what happened but there was a fire truck near the social service center.

Found these French chocolate biscuits at Kaldi...the biscuit is more like a cracker with some chocolate in between.

It could have been more chocolatey.

Thought the biscuits were cute...each biscuit has a different country on it.

The flip sides were also different, glad we got to try these!

Had to Mcgyver Satoshi's watch band.

Youtube had lots of how-to material....my "helper" pounded my fingers a couple of times too...ow!

In the end we were able to make the band shorter.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time Satoshi has made coffee with it spilling over.

Once he filled the filter up to the top and the filter toppled over...coffee grains and coffee running down the front of the counter onto the floor!

This shot was of him not checking how much coffee was already in his cup, adding more hot water and having it overflow…

Never a dull moment yeah?!…sigh

Have a good week!