Thursday, September 29, 2005

central league champs!!

Well, it took the Hanshin Tigers 2 years to win the Central League Division. This year they had Inter-league play (against the Pacific League) which made competition more interesting.

After the Pacific League has their play-off, the Nihon Series (like America's World Series) will begin. Hopefully the Tigers can take the Nihon Series and be No. 1 in Japan (I experienced their league win in 2003 but have yet to experience the Nihon Series championship!! *hint, hint)

This time, I am definitely staying away from the department stores...(last time it was nuts!!)

final project - beginners crochet

This was our final project for our beginners crochet class (a spring colored necklace). The necklace uses aquamarine chips, fresh water pearls, swarovski crystals and a semi-precious stone in the middle.

In about two weeks, I will start the intermediate crochet class.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday, Satoshi had the day off, so we went to see a friend's art exhibit in Tanimachi. Afterwards, we headed to Matsuyamachi to a cafe called Ekchuah. I heard about this cafe from my English student. This cafe specializes in desserts that are made of CHOCOLATE!!

Satoshi had the diable parfait (chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, blueberry custard flan all in a parfait glass). I had the dark chocolate drink (like cocoa). Delish!!

If you want more info on where the cafe is or where they sell their chocolates, go to (japanese only)