Sunday, June 10, 2007

fruits of summer

More and more fruits are coming into season here. If you remember last month, there was Delaware grapes and Quincy melon.

This month, meet Sakuranbo from Yamagata prefecture. These cherries actually remind me of Rainier cherries (maybe they are of the same variety?) They weren't very sweet and actually a bit tart. I was surprised at the price too, about US$3 for a little over 200 grams.

And white peaches from Fukuoka prefecture. These are called Hakuho. The skins are a bit bitter, but the insides are juicy and sweet.

I had to cut away at the insides to get it off of the stone (it was that ripe!) 2 of these delicious peaches were US$6! Luckily, when I bought them they were in a container with holes so I could smell them before buying.

The fruits and veggies are probably the only part of Japan summers that I enjoy.

Hope you have a good week.


The Lone Beader® said...

THose fruits look delicious!

Thistlemoon said...

Yum, there is nothing like fresh fruit! Delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks Lone Beader and Jenn and thanks for stopping by.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had a bargain on them, would be a pain when you've to pay hefty for your cravings hehe..I hate it when the blueberries at Costco was at 10 bucks for a box when I want them so bad, but perhaps its not in season. I did not buy the blueberries :(

K and S said...

True, Meltingwok, having to pay heavily for something delicious does hurt sometimes.

Take care.

Pille said...

I wish we had white peaches like that available here - I've read so many good things about them on different blogs!!

K and S said...

I hope you'll be able to taste these one day Pille, maybe in Japan? They are really delicious!

Take care!