Wednesday, August 01, 2007

trying to re-create a fav

Everytime I go home and Satoshi has a chance to join up with me, we head to Kua'aina in Haleiwa. Satoshi has his avocado burger and I always order the BLT + avocado.

After finding crispy bacon, I wanted to re-create this sandwich, so I bought an avocado yesterday.

To my disappointment, the avocado wasn't ripe...I guess I should have known when the knife didn't go in nicely. Hopefully, it will ripen nicely without going bad. Maybe I can make guacamole with it or something....

I guess I'll just be thankful for a B.L.T. with crispy bacon in it.


Rowena said...

I don't know about the avocados there but the ones I get here are a hit or miss when it comes to flavor. I had one last night that was BLAH!

The bacon though is still sitting in my fridge until I feel like eating a huge breakfast with rice, toast and all that good stuff...

P.S. Isn't that waterfall pic so reminiscent of home?! :-D

K and S said...

Usually the ones that we get from Mexico are kind of black on the outside, but yesterday they were all green. Hopefully it will ripen nicely so I can do something with it.

Ooh, big breakfast sounds nice, miss eating at places like that!

The rainbow was the most reminiscent for me, Rowena!

Take care.

OkiHwn said...

You know how check if the avocado is ripe? Stick a toothpick in the end - goes in easily it's fine.

Kathy YL Chan said...

I was just at the ward Kua Aina with my family last night! I've been meaning to try the avocado tuna sandwich, and man, it blows any of their burgers out of the water! :)

K and S said...

I'll try that method in a couple of days. It is definitely still green, Nate. Thanks!

Ooh, tuna with avocado sounds great too, Kathy! I agree their sandwiches are better than their burgers.

Take care you two.

Amrita said...

That happened to me too!!! I was so upset!

K and S said...

Doesn't it suck when that happens, Amrita?

Take care!

OkiHwn said...

Think we get the same avocados as you. I buy them but eat them as I did at home - cut in half, pour shoyu into the seed hole, and scoop out with a spooon and enjoy!

If the avocado comes with the stem piece stuck on prety good, it's not ready. Check if the stem piece is still firmly attached. Once it falls off or is easily removed, it's probably ready.

Do the Japanes markets remove that piece early?

Pieces of avocado like in your BLT or just by itself is ono stuff. Don't need all the different guacamoles or dips to enjoy. Best as is!

K and S said...

Nope the stem was still on, but I noticed that the market sometimes has the black avocadoes and green ones, so when I bought the green one, I didn't realize it was supposed to be black.

I put the avocado into a paper package in hopes it will ripen by tomorrow, so I can eat it in a salad or something.

Thanks for your tips, Nate.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Maybe Crazy Glue would work better than the rubberband..?
Though I've never thought to try a rubberband so it must work?
All sounds very YUMMY

K and S said...

Thanks Carol. The rubberband actually worked well, you could tell when the avocado got ripe because the rubberband started to cut into the skin of the avocado.

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ooooooo GOOD IDEA !
I'll try that next time :)