Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ça marche

Sunday, I went to check out yet another friend's art exhibit, only this time it was in Kobe.

The type of art is called sarasa, which I've written up about here.

My friend wasn't at the exhibit at the time, but had many pieces for sale and it was nice to see the different types of works by different artists.

Afterwards, I stopped in to a nearby bakery called, Ça Marche, which my French teacher told me about.

The shop is tiny and when you walk in the baked goods are "roped" off by a wooden railing. You stand behind this railing and tell them which breads you'd like to buy.

I guess it is more sanitary than you going up close to the bread and touching it with tongs. I liked that you needed to tell someone what you wanted.

You can eat there too, they do have a couple of tables on their terrace.

I took out though because the skies looked like it was gonna pour.

The sausage dog was delicious, a cheese bread filled with grainy mustard, a sausage with a snap and cornichon...367 yen. This was a little hard to eat because the bread was round not oblong to fit the dog.

Pain du chocolat...hard outside but very soft inside filled with LOTS of mini chocolate chips..210 yen

And an intriguing bread called patchwork...four flavors baked together...pretty, yeah?!..315 yen for 1/2 a loaf. I had them slice this bread, which came out to 4 thick slices.

A brioche dough mixed with (clockwise): matcha/pea, black sesame, raisin & carrot/orange peel.

Delicious toasted, eaten plain.

It was a good day and I'm glad I made it back home before the rain.

Ça marche
3-1-3 Yamamoto
Chuo, Kobe
Phone: 078.763.1111
Closed: Wednesdays
Hours: 8:00-19:00


jalna said...

Great idea that patchwork bread!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Oh this patch work bread is amazing! I've never seen anything like it!! I think a crowded place like Japan is nice to have the point and order system... winter is coming up and lots of germs around. People sneeze while picking up bread and I don't want to pick any bread around it.. maybe I'm too paranoid. =P Growing up in Japan, we were not taught to use "arm" to cover mouth like here, it was always a hand...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting-looking bread.

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna, it is a nice way to try different flavors :)

I don't like riding on the train during this season Nami, it is just germs all around :0

Thanks Paz, delicious too :)

Take care everyone.

K said...

I love the idea of a patchwork bread loaf!

K and S said...

it is a nice way to try different breads, K :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

I'm with everyone on this one...the patchwork bread! I have got to try creating this at home.

Japan Australia said...

The bakeries in Japan are amazing and there are some good ones in Kobe :)

Japan Australia

KirkK said...

That bread looks really neat...though of course it's the sausage that gets my attention Kat.

K and S said...

can't wait to see your version Rowena :)

definitely J-A!

thought that it might Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

Deb in Hawaii said...

That patchwork bread is so cool! ;-)

K and S said...

I'm so happy everyone enjoyed that patchwork bread, Deb :)

Take care.