Monday, November 23, 2020

yurakucho to tamachi

Saturday was the only day forecast for sun.

Unfortunately, Satoshi had to work.

I still wanted to check out the fall colors, so I got out early, like 7:45 and went to Yurakucho.

From the station it is about a 5 minute walk to Hibiya Park.

It was my first time checking out this park and it is quite large, they even have tennis courts!

I didn't walk the whole park, just certain areas.

They had some roses blooming but most were blocked by fences so that you couldn’t get too close to take photos of!

I was impressed by the size of the ginkgo nut trees.

Like this one.

And this one.

This is the pond that Satoshi would eat his lunch at.

Unfortunately, he is so busy these days, he rarely gets to eat outside of the office.

From Hibiya Park, I walked down the street to Shiba Park.

It was my first time here also and I didn't realize it was so close to Tokyo Tower and Zojoji temple

I was also surprised to see that there was more than one Shiba Park...I think they must have divided the land to make way for roads...

Right outside of Zojoji, I stopped in to Le Pain Quotidien to pick up lunch as well as other baked items.

Pistachio tarte, blueberry muffin, nicoise sandwich and 15 grain bagel.

Saturday, I enjoyed the nicoise sandwich for lunch which was tuna salad and egg salad, some olives and a lot of veggies.

(We shared the pistachio tarte and blueberry muffin on Sunday...the tarte was so moist and topped with lots of pistachios (this was the most expensive item I purchased) it reminded me of an olive oil cake.

The blueberry muffin was moist but could have used more blueberries.

This morning we shared the bagel, it was tasty but didn't have the chew I like with bagels...)

Then I walked all the way to Tamachi to catch the train back to where we live.

It was nice to be out and about.

Where I would normally go here and there to check out the fall colors, I think this might be my one and only this season, our (Tokyo) numbers have gone up to 500 plus every day!

Le Pain Quotidien

3-3-1 Shibakoen

Minato, Tokyo

Phone: 03.6430.4157

Open daily 7:30-22:00


Anonymous said...

it's crazy windy with showers here, and still humid! my potted plants have blown over numerous times and even our trash bin blew over.

I read that even in Tokyo the infection rates are largely occurring in cluster in peoples homes. Over here, it seems to be same, where people who have multigenerational houses are spreading amongst themselves, particularly pacific islanders and Filipinos. The media show graphs of different ethnicities and geographically areas on Oahu that have the highest incidences.

I think we'll be stuck in this tier 2 for a long time:( or worse yet, go back to tier 1 :(

K and S said...

oh em gee it is a 3 day weekend here and you should see the crowds of people in kyoto! I hope the main government will step in instead of trying to promote their travel campaign, otherwise we could be looking at a major infection blowup...

Take care!

KirkK said...

Lovely photos Kat!

jalna said...

Your food looks yummy. Numbers are going up everywhere, yah.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk!

Thanks Jalna, the numbers are so crazy, yeah?!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

so nice that you got to see some fall colors even though the Hubs couldn't join you. maybe another time :)

K and S said...

definitely next year Rowena:)

Take care!

Rinshinomori said...

Did the sandwich contain both tuna and egg salads? The olives in the sandwich too? I love Nicoise salad but unfortunately don’t make as often because my husband does not care for food with vinegar. So, it is just tor me.

K and S said...

Rinshinomori, yes the sandwich had olives, tuna & egg salads in it.

Take care