Monday, October 10, 2005

minoo & recycle

On Sunday, we asked Satoshi's friend, Yanagita to take us to a shop which buys used clothing, and dishes, pretty much, whatever! We had about 6 bags of things to sell and they bought everything except a few items, but all we got for them was 1340 yen (about $13) least we got rid of some of our clutter.

After our trip to the recycle shop, Satoshi's friend had some other errands to do, so he dropped us off at home, and we put the items that they didn't buy from us back into our place.

Since the weather was clear and very nice, we caught the train to Minoo (3 stations from Ishibashi, where we live) and walked in towards the waterfall. We stopped to have lunch at a cafe called, Yuzuriha. Too bad the amount we got for our recycling wasn't enough to buy us lunch. :(

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