Sunday, May 28, 2006

noix de coco

For Christmas, we went to a French restaurant called Noix de Coco, which I wrote about (here). Today, Satoshi's friend, Gen, wanted to eat french food, so we went to the same restaurant.

First course was "genetically engineered" (or so I thought because it boasted all these minerals and stuff to make you beautiful) soft boiled egg called "asuran" with red bell pepper mousse and tomato sauce.

Cantaloupe melon with shrimp salad.


Wagyu (Japanese beef) tartare (raw) with kamo eggplant.

Potage of the day = pumpkin

Fish of the day = suzuki (Japanese sea bass in a cream sauce with pink peppercorns

Filet with veggies and roast beef

A platter of assorted cheeses: clocwise, gueyere, camembert, garlic, epoisses and blue cheese

And for dessert a cheesecake encased inside of a vanilla mousse with lime essence.

We also had a bottle of Jackson Estate Riesling and a Shiraz (which I can't find on the internet, so I can't tell you the name of)

Everything was delicious, but I think Gen will stick to eating in the izakaya (Japanese bars), because he can smoke whenever he feels like it and the portions are a bit bigger.

Oh, and because we were the first 10 to make reservations for dinner we (I) got these cool herbs: clockwise: italian parsley, thyme and watercress (cresson)

Have a great week!


jasmine said...

Wow...that looks like an amazing meal! And you got herbs as well!


Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaahhh! All of the above is just making me crazy for a change of cuisines. All of that food? (I was scrutinizing the cheese). BTW, do they allow doggie bags in Japan?

Anonymous said...

No fair! I want some! I want to go there!!!

K and S said...

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks, it was really delicious.

Hi Rowena,

No doggie bags allowed. I think a lot of restaurants are afraid of food poisoning.

Hi Ivonne,

Come on down. We can have dinner there :)

Thank you all for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

It's 5am where I am and I'm ready for that dinner! What a spread. That looks lovely.

K and S said...

Hi Tanna,

Nice of you to stop by. :)