Thursday, August 24, 2006

5 things to eat before you die

After seeing BBC's list of 50 things to eat before you die, Melissa of The Travelers Lunchbox said that she had tried 44 of the things on their list. I looked at the list and haven't had 10 of the things on their list. She challenged all bloggers to think of at least 5 things they would like to eat before they die.

Instead of "things" to eat, I think I am going to choose 5 countries, after all, I've heard that you have to spend at least a year somewhere to get the full experience of the seasons--the different fruits, veggies and food.

My picks are: 1) Italy--While I love pasta and pizza, I want to explore the cuisine more in depth in places such as Florence, Sicily, Naples & Piedmont.

2)France--I have tried French cuisine outside of France but would like to taste the sweets in Paris, spend time at their outside cafes, try some Alsatian wines, French cheeses and see the lavender in Provence.

3)Spain--I have also tried paella and tapas outside of Spain but I would like to try some of Seville's tapas bars and see the sunflowers of Andalusia.

4)New Zealand & Australia--although I have been to Sydney (and never been to NZ), I don't think I tried much of what Australia had to offer when I was there, I'm interested in exploring their cuisines and also their wines.

5)San Francisco--I have a whole list of places to eat at (like Chez Panisse) and chocolates to try (like Recchiuti), plus it is near wine country (and French Laundry).

What would you pick?


Annie said...

HI, I'm here from What's for lunch honey. Glad I found your site. You've got quite an adventurous list there. I live in the Northeast of the US but I've been to Italy once. I have relatives there. It is a beautiful country and would like to see it again. I would also like to see Austria, Paris-France, Australia, and England. I doubt I'll ever get to, though. But it's nice to dream :)

Hey come visit Mixed Salad Annie sometime.

2kamuela47 said...

My pick would be Italy. The food, art and religion are the things I want to experience. Would love to go to these countries too Australia and New Zealand also Switzerland and Greece. Thanks for the Boston info I'll let you know how the journey goes. See ya! ~k~

Ellie said...

My top 3 would be exactly the same as yours! I'd love to visit Japan and spend some time getting to know real Japanese cooking instead of the bastardized version we get over here, and I think the last place I'd love to try would be Texas, just so I can see what all this 'deep south' cookery is all about ;)

K & S said...

Good answers everyone!

grant said...

hey, i've done 4/5 on your list! ;) but i've yet to try chez panisse and french laundry which, may i add, are in berkeley and yountville (not s.f.) ;) juri and i want to go to french laundry before we leave the area...but $300-600 for two may be beyond our budget!!

K & S said...

cool grant!
hope you and juri get to go to french laundry before you leave. i've heard it is worth the $$.
take care.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

You have a full program here! Which is great since it involves a lot of travelling!w

K & S said...

Hi Bea,
Definitely a full program, at least 5 years worth! :)
Have a great weekend.

Ivonne said...

Great list, Kat! I can't believe she ate 44 things from that list. Wow!

K & S said...

Thanks Ivonne, what would you pick?
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Sam said...

I have eaten at all the countries on your list except New Zealand. I couldn't choose between them - they are all so good in different ways. I thought the food in Sydney was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat

So sorry I didn't see this!

For some reason I was having trouble accessing your feed and I couldn't leave comments when I could get it. It seems as if Blogger doesn't want us to "talk" to one another...I think they're afraid of what we may cook up ;) Drop me an email when you can.


K & S said...

You are so lucky, Sam! Hopefully I can get to do eat at these countries too!

No problem, Jasmine. I was wondering what was up with the new Blogger. I had a hard time leaving comments on other Blogspot blogs...

Take care you two!