Saturday, September 01, 2007

see you in a week!

Sorry for the lack of food posts. I haven't been cooking much and have been trying to clear out our refrig as we're off for our yearly long vacation today. Satoshi gets 8 days a year (this includes weekends which I think is unfair) and has to take it all at one time or lose it. This year we are headed to... NEW CALEDONIA!

I hope the weather will be nice, Satoshi is looking forward to vegging, and I am looking forward to temperatures cooler than Osaka. (Can you believe our temps this summer were higher than those of Manila or Jakarta? I bet our humidity was higher also. And they said it was supposed to be a cool summer, boy were they ever wrong!)

The one thing I worry about while on vacation is my plants. Since we live in an apartment, I can't have someone come over to water them (well I guess I could, but I wouldn't want anyone having to come into our place to do so). I've seen and tried all kinds of gadgets--most have failed and many plants have died.

This one, has been the most successful. The nozzle looks like the tip of a baby bottle. Fill a liter bottle with water and stick the string in and screw on the nozzle. The little plastic piece at the end of the string weighs the string down so that the string can "suck" up the water at the bottom of the bottle.

Then put the nozzle into the soil of the plant and it waters the plants for you! I try to set up these waterers a little before our trips, just to test them and I also try to water the plants the day that I leave, for good measure.

See you in a week!

p.s. the other day, this little guy was concentrating so hard on getting pollen from this lavender flower that I was able to get REALLY close to take his picture. (doesn't he look like he's smiling for the camera?)


Anonymous said...

have an amazing trip and don't worry about your plants; i'm sure they'll be fine!! -bourgogne

2kamuela47 said...

Have a safe trip and take care! Laura

Anonymous said...

That's such a cool watering gadget. I wish I could find something like that here.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh have fun! And speak French ;-)

Barbara said...

I've always wanted to visit New Caledonia. Have a wonderful time Kat.

SteamyKitchen said...

AHAHAHA! When I read, "we're off for our yearly long vacation today."

I though you were going for a 1 year vacation!!

Anonymous said...

It must be karma. I'll be going on vacation in a couple of months and have decided to not buy any more plants until after I get back for fear of finding a plant graveyard. Thanks for sharing your new gadget discovery!

Unknown said...

Hello Kat,
Have a great time!
And I'm sure your plants will be just fine! :)
That is a neat gadget though! Where did you find it?
Bye Kat, have a great trip! :)

ilingc said...

Hi Kat,
New Caledonia sounds ace! Hope you have a great time there.

Rowena said...

Hello New Caledonia! Honestly, I had to follow the link to see where that is. Looks like a gorgeous place, and most definitely is what Satoshi needs for a break (only 8 DAYS?) -- that's harsh!

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice your previous post on Culture Shock and I'd like to add that last night, while watching a trivia show, european hotels polled Japan visitors as the BEST guests in terms of good manners. Hehe, it was so funny 'cause none of the italians wanted to say Americans were the best-behaved...which really says a lot on what they (italians) think of us. (Loud and arrogant?) Ouch....

Kathy YL Chan said...

i love that last photo! It almost looks fake! Have a super great trip & I'll cross my fingers for your plants (though I doubt they need any more good luck :)

Monkey Wrangler said...

Have fun! (that butterfly picture is amazing!

Miss Ai said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from Blue Lotus. I have the same worries when I leave for vacation, but I've been doing this every time I leave and my plants have been OK for 1.5 weeks: you know those "freezer" ices that you get when you order cake? They are actually potatoe starch that can absorb large amounts of water and are biodegradable (so said Japanese TV one day). You can take them out and put them around your plants, then water them, and they are supposed to hold the water over a short period of time. Try it when you're at home to see how well the plants do! will be back to read more posts!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, New Caledonia is like paradise...islands, azure and crystal clear water. My kind of vacation spot. Have a good time there.

K and S said...

Ms Ai, I'm gonna have to try your method, mine didn't do too well.

Jaden, I wish we had a year off!

Rowena, the Japanese tourists may seem nice to the hotels, but when they come back, they grumble to the travel agent about when didn't fly with them.

Marinanna, I got these at a DIY shop in Osaka called Ko-nan, do you have them in Tokyo?

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
Take care.

Unknown said...

Hi Kat,
Mmm...I think we have Ko-nan here in Tokyo too, but I'm not sure. I'll look for them. Meanwhile, I think I'll go and check out some of the DIY stores we have in this area.
Bye Kat, and welcome back! I can't wait to read all about your trip!!! :)))

K and S said...

Hi Marianna,
Here is the link for Ko-nan I hope you can read Japanese, if not, e-mail me and let me know and I can find one close to you.

Take care.