Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is Halloween. They don't do house to house trick-or-treating here (at least not in my neighborhood anyway), but slowly there are more and more decorating of houses and stores and the assortment of candies are also improving for this time of year.

I found this malted milk candy at the gourmet supermarket recently. It made me remember something that Bourgogne wrote in the comments about adding Milk Duds to popcorn.

So, after buying a bag of the malted milk candy, I then remembered that Milk Duds weren't malted milk candies but instead were chocolate covered caramels...sigh. Overall I was disappointed with the malted milk candy, it didn't have that scratchy texture in your mouth like Whoppers have. Still, I added it and chocolate covered kakinotane (spicy rice crackers that look like persimmon seeds) to freshly popped corn...delicious! The chocolate slightly melts while touching the hot popcorn, gets kind of messy and you gotta lick your fingers while eating is yet another addicting way to jazz up popcorn. (Thanks Bourgogne!)

Last week, my student gave me these delicious Halloween-y cookies...which are now long gone, right after I took the photo...gone. (Thank you!)

I'm not sure if it just the season for pumpkins or if Halloween is the reason that there are more foods with pumpkin around, though I think the former is probably the reason, but I found this foccacia that was loaded with pumpkin, eggplant, red bell pepper, onion and a little cheese...delicious!

Hope you have a safe but fun Halloween, if you celebrate where you are.


2kamuela47 said...

Happy Halloween to you too! Gosh it's the start of the holiday season with lots of decorating and baking. I went to Ben Franklin the other day and got my materials for the Christmas boxes that I'll make for the cookies we will be baking. Have a safe one! Laura

K and S said...

Ooh what kind of cookies will you make, Laura? Have a nice Halloween.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, Kat!

K and S said...

Have a nice Halloween too Alan!

Take care.

Unknown said...

Dear Kat,

Happy Halloween!!! :)


K and S said...

Thank you Mari!!

Take care.

bourgogne said...

hope you had a fun fun halloween. i am really trying hard to reduce my candy consumption. but it's hard ;-)

Thistlemoon said...

Oh yum! What great treats! Happy Halloween!

K and S said...

Thank Jenndz, hope you have a great halloween!

I don't think I would be able to cut down on my candy consumption Bourgogne! I give you credit for trying :)

Take care you two.

SteamyKitchen said...

what a great idea to add some excitement to popcorn! though i have a sneaking suspicion that my kids will pick out all of the chocolate

Monkey Wrangler said...

Looks like there is plenty of Halloween spirit both in and around your neighborhood. That popcorn sounds spookily good and really messy. I'll have to try that one when the kids are over the sweet treats of this witching season.

Where is the focaccia in that picture? On the bottom of all that stuff? (looks like a pita bread) Combo sounds good but needs more fluff. I say, do that one at home sometime but as a calzone and I'm sold.

Happy pumpkins. Look for the great pumpkin tonight over the patch.

K and S said...

he he you are probably right, Jaden!

Yeah, the "focaccia" was flat, MonkeyWrangler. Probably because there was loads of pumpkin on top....calzone sounds way nicer, will have to try making that.

Happy Pumpkins to you both.
Take care.