Wednesday, October 03, 2007

south africa

The thing I love about Japan is all the imports that you can find...for example, recently I've been seeing food items from South Africa. Like this grapefruit. It was huge! I squeezed the whole thing for juice the other morning, but only came out with half a cup. It was tart but not squinch up your face tart.

And then there was this nougat made by Walters. The market I found this at had a mac nut version, a cranberry almond version and this one with just almonds. I loved it. It was soft, but not so sticky that it stuck to your teeth.

And there was this cool edible wafer-like paper that give you someplace to hold while eating it and also helped you to get it out of the wrapper.

Though everything isn't local, it still is a nice way to taste different parts of the world.


Kathy YL Chan said...

oh man, i love nougat...but i feel so guilty afterwards, my teeth always feel cavity-prone, hehe! :)

K and S said...


I like to think that the nuts and fruits in there counter-balance out all that sweet goodness! hee hee.

Take care.

Jann said...

What a wonderful selection to have to choose from~we don't see too much African food around here~lots of Spanish and English, Isn't it fun to taste all these different things?

K and S said...

It is nice, Jann. I would have never imagined citrus coming from Africa.

Take care.