Monday, June 16, 2008


This year's rakkyo came out good. I still would like it to be a bit sweeter, but Satoshi says he likes it.

Last year's rakkyo recipe was this one.

This year's rakkyo recipe was this:
1 kg rakkyo, cleaned and rinsed
50g salt

Put your rakkyo and salt into a container and let sit in a container for 1 day with something heavy (about 1 kg) on it.

Then take the weight off and let sit for 2 or 3 days, mixing every so often.

Make the sauce:
200 ml vinegar
400 ml water
200g sugar
2 or 3 chili pepper

Bring everything to a boil then let cool.

After the 3 days, rinse the rakkyo once and try to make sure that most of the water is drained well.
Add the cooled sauce and put into the refrigerator for about 15 days.
After the 15 days, it is ready to eat.


NOTE: actually if you don't want to make the sauce you can eat the salted rakkyo as is.


Rowena said...

I didn't remember the post from last year so I had to brush up...this really does sound so easy to do! I'm glad that this one does not have the mirin as there is no way to get that here. Yum!

bourgogne said...

LOVE rakkyo and can eat those like they're potato chips. i've never had salty rakkyo but i have a feeling i'd like those too. one day i'll have to try to make some. thanks for sharing!

K and S said...

I guess you could also try the Hawaii style pickled onions, Rowena :) I hope you like this recipe though.

Gosh, you do love rakkyo, Bourgogne! I think you would enjoy the salty version. Oh, and the Okinawans fry their rakkyo tempura style. :)

Take care you two.

FranMag said...

I love rakkyo!! I'll have to try making my own some day. Back home in Guam I used to go with friends to a Japanese style coffee shop and I would make them order the curry which came with two small containers of rakkyo and another pickle. We usually had the waiter refill the rakkyo three or four times. :-)

K and S said...

I hope you like this recipe Franmag. :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I've never tried to make with your recipe I may just try it out.

Anonymous said...

Those look great! We always have takuan and either pickled cucumbers or Maui onions in our fridge. I bet we'd like those as well! :)

K and S said...

If you can't find the shallots, Kirkk, you may want to use onions or see what types of rakkyo Marukai carries.

Thanks Lori, you may want to check Daiei (Don Quixote), Shirokiya or Marukai to see what kinds of rakkyo they have too :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is cool... I haven't seen rakkyo that wasn't already pickled. I would love to try this at home, thanks for the recipe!

K and S said...

You may/may not want to adjust the sauce portions, Manju, my sauce wasn't as sweet as the pre-packaged stuff is.

Take care.