Friday, February 20, 2009

rolancy, christopher norman and bel amer

Alain Rolancy, an MOF, partnered with Saladino Bruno, another chocolatier and opened a shop in France called Ambiance et Chocolat.

The chocolates I tried were Miel (left)--honey flavored ganache covered with dark chocolate. I really liked the deep honey flavor.

Guanaja (right)--was a 70% cacao ganache covered with dark chocolate, was a little bitter but still delicious.

Christopher Norman, a chocolatier from the U.S. teamed up with Bel Amer in Tokyo and came up with these chocolate bon-bons.

Super Dark (left)--a dark ganache flavored with rum and then covered with dark. I loved the design on the chocolate, so cute! The rum flavor was light so it didn't overpower the chocolate.

Apple Pie (middle)--a puff pastry bottom with a white chocolate, cinnamon, caramel apple mousse on really did taste like apple pie.

Pecan Nut (right)--was a almond hazelnut praline cream and roasted pecans covered with milk chocolate. Most candies in Japan use walnuts (I've never even seen pecans in the stores here) so it was nice to see pecans being used. I loved the cute "cut-out" chocolate hearts he had as decoration.


Rowena said...

Guess what I ran to eat after I read the 2nd paragraph? Chocolate and honey are DELICIOUS!

K and S said...

You so silly, Rowena :) But yeah it is a great combo.

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

I have heard of Christopher Norman. The apple pie one sounds delicious as does the pecan nut one. The miel one by Rolancy sounds great too. A great selection!

K and S said...

They were great Deb, I hope you get a chance to try Christopher Norman.

Take care.