Monday, February 02, 2009

a bit of hawaii

I decided to watch the game (minus the commercials) today, so yesterday, I bought some keema curry from SOL and will have that for lunch with some rice. I also bought ingredients for dinner so that I wouldn't have to go out to do my grocery shopping during the game.

Anyway, I recently saw on television that Leonard's has come to Japan. They are in the food court of the Yokohama Porters shopping center. (Clicking onto the link will bring you to the website, they have some English, but it is limited.)

While Leonard's is not my favorite malasadas, I think it is cool to have some Hawaii nearby.

If you are near Yokohama and check this out, I would love to hear your review of it.


Lori said...

Wow, Leonard's in Japan! Hopefully Champion's is on their way next! :)

Debinhawaii said...

Leonard's in Japan--how fun! I saw your favorite malasada is from Champions? I have never tried one from there. I'll put it on the list.

K and S said...

Gosh, I hope so, Lori :)

Thanks Deb, I hope you like Champions :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

Funny, when I skimmed over the blurb at the link, it didn't mention anything in katakana about "malasadas." However, there was a word with "age pan" in it (can't read kanji) and I realized the Japanese have had something similar for ages. I can't remember the name of it, but in the 70s, the standard Japanese school lunch (not the homemade bento), included an elongated fried donut generously sprinkled with sugar. Perhaps your husband knows the name of it.

K and S said...

You are right Anon, it doesn't say malasadas but "age pan". My husband said that they had bread but not fried bread. I think age pan is different from malasadas. Age pan is slices of bread that are fried, malasadas are yeast dough that is fried.

Take care.

The Rambler said...

Aloha Kat,

Havent' commented in a bit but always look to see what yummy stuff you post. (Alot of that Starbucks stuff...yum)

Had to comment on wow to Leonards in Japan. It is MY favorite but will have to check out Champions. :)

Hope you and yours had a GREAT holidays! Here's to 2009!

K and S said...

Thanks Rambler, the reason I like Champions is that it doesn't get "smashed" when it is cold. Hope you have a great 2009 too :)

Take care.

OkiHwn said...

Eh Kat, That's should be your next project - Kat's Malasadas!

K and S said...

Thanks Nate :)

Take care.

Aya said...

Hi, Kathy!!
long time no write...sorry

Anyway, I often go to the World Porters in Yokohama!! but I didn't know about the shop. I will visit the shop next time :) then tell you about it.
Thanks for your infomation.

2kamuela47 said...

I agree Champion malasadas are better.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's great! I live about a 4-minute scooter-ride away from the Leonard's bakery on Kapahulu Avenue. As a result, my boyfriend and I ride down there frequently as we're coming back from Kaimana Beach.

sheri said...

I saw your other blogs with the keema curry, I LOVE anything with curry, so I am going to try your recipes. The vegetables curry with tumeric rice looks AWESOME!


sheri said...

I have been looking up different vegetable curries! should be an exciting find! One of my favorite curry dishes has diced chicken and sweet potatoes with mango and green beans in it, I sweeten it a little bit too! HMMM, so good it makes me crave with this cold weather we have!!

K and S said...

I hope you like them Aya!

Thanks Laura :)

I would be nervous living that close, Shortearl :)

Hope you like them, Sheri

Take care everyone!