Tuesday, May 04, 2010

foodie monday in kobe

The weather this Golden Week has been quite excellent. Very sunny and leaning towards hot!

Yesterday, we headed to Kobe to check out their airport (which I think opened a year or two ago). It is located on Port Island, a man-made island about 10 minutes by monorail from Sannomiya.

The airport is very very small. Before it even started operating, they were in debt. (There is a little battle between Kobe's airport (UKB) and Osaka's airport (ITM) as to which airport should close in order to save on operating costs and air space.)

Personally, we think Kansai International (KIX) should close since it is out of the way for us (close to 2 hours away), and they should re-instate Osaka airport as the International airport (because it is only 10 minutes away for us).

Anyway, after some coffee, we headed back to Sannomiya and had lunch at Nailey's Cafe. We had seen this cafe when we went to Freundlieb.

It is a tiny cafe but has great atmosphere. Satoshi had their fried shrimp, it came with soup or salad (he chose salad), some kinpira & potatoes, rice or bread (he chose rice) & drink (he chose grapefruit juice)...1300 yen (about US$13)

I chose their barbecue chicken this came with a salad or soup (I chose salad), some kinpira & potatoes, rice or bread (I chose rice) & drink (I chose iced tea)...1150 yen (about US$11.50)

The chicken was really moist. The barbecue sauce wasn't Western style, but was very peppery. Very filling.

From Nailey's, we walked to Kitano-zaka and noticed that they were having the Infiorata.
Infiorata apparently means "covered in flowers" in Italian. This event started in 1997 and we've seen it in the past (2002, pre-blog).

They use a lot of tulips as well as other items like wood chips and coffee grains to create the different pictures.

Apparently Genzano, Rome started this tradition of making pictures with flowers over 2 centuries ago, though I think their event is based on more religious type pictures.

We were lucky to catch the event on its last day. After checking out the 12 different pictures, we stopped in to have some gelato at Caffarel.

The owner learned how to make gelato from Torino's famous Silvano gelateria.

Satoshi had their caramel and I chose gianduja...small cup--315 yen (about US$3.15) each.

We traded half-way and loved both flavors, very rich and creamy.

On the way back to the station, we stopped at Ikuta Shrine.

It was a great day. Very hot but still nice.

Nailey's Cafe
2-8-12 Kano-cho
Chuo, Kobe
Phone: 078.231.2008
Open for lunch @ 11:30, everyday except Tuesday

3-7-29 Yamamoto
Chuo, Kobe
Phone: 078.262.7850
Closed Wednesdays


Rona Y said...

My first few months in Nishinomiya, I studied Japanese at the Kobe YMCA, so I used to go to Nailey's Cafe often. Or at least I think I did (it might have been a different place, but it looks the same as what I saw on their website)! I loved the atmosphere, and the food was very reasonably priced, I thought. I'm not sure if it was called Nailey's Cafe when I was going there (the awning looks different, so I don't know if they just refurbished or completely changed owners).

Posts like this one really make me miss Japan, and I've only been gone for a month!

BTW, there's a Neapolitan-style pizza place near there, too. It's on Yamate-kansen near the Lawson's (Family Mart?) about a block or so west of Flower Road. It's not as good as the place in Ikeda, but if you're in the area and jonesing for Neapolitan-style pizza, it will definitely do the trick!

K and S said...

Thanks Rona, Nailey's is near the YMCA. Hmm, I am wondering what the name of that pizza place is, will surf around :)

Good to hear from you! Take care.

Jonathan said...

Glad that got to see the Infiorata in Kitano that was lucky, hope that it was not too crowded :) Thanks for the great info on the Gelato now that it is getting hot that sound very tasty!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Sounds like the perfect relaxing and fun foodie day!

K and S said...

It wasn't too bad Jonathan. I hope you enjoy the gelato :)

Thanks Debinhawaii, it feels like "SUMMER" here :)

Take care you two.

Rona Y said...

I found it! It's called PK1 (Pizza Kitchen) www.pizzakitchen.jp . My favourite Neapolitan-style pizza place is still Fontegara, and the second is Pizzeria Pancia Piena, but Pizza Kitchen is the best I've had in Kobe, I think. I didn't really like Pizza Azzurri (which is a member of the VPN).

K and S said...

Thanks for telling me Rona, I had Pizza Azzuri on my list, but will change it to PK1 :)

Take care.