Wednesday, September 07, 2011

time on my hands

pinkberry Before catching the plane back to Osaka I had some time on my hands so I stopped in at Pinkberry.

The only shop on Oahu is located inside the International terminal of the Honolulu airport.

Since I had already had lunch, I ordered a small and with 3 toppings it cost US$7.49...probably the most expensive fro-yo I've had this summer...eep!

Chocolate fro-yo with dark chocolate crisps, brownie bites and a glob of hazelnut praline crunch.

Visually not too appetizing but really chocolicious, in fact I didn't finish it, it was really too sweet, but I'm happy I got to try this place.

On the plane, I watched 4 movies..."Rio", "Midnight in Paris", "The Back-up Plan" and "Kung Fu Panda 2".

The nice thing about this airplane was that you could stop and start the movie whenever you wanted, so if you needed to go to the bathroom you could.

Or if you fell asleep during the movie, you could rewind and go back to see where you left off.

honolulucookie Lunch (#2) was a choice of Kalua Pork Curry or Teriyaki Chicken...I think they've had this menu for awhile now (ahem)...I chose the chicken but it was really tough and the rice had dried out already...highlight of this meal was the dessert...Honolulu Cookie Company's coconut shortbread and chocolate dipped chocolate shortbread cookies with some sparkling wine.

tropilicious Then before landing we had a really junk version of hiyashi chuuka (a chilled noodle with a soy-based sauce) and a really frozen Tropilicious vanilla bean ice cream.

The ice cream was overly sweet, I would've preferred Tropilicious' sorbet like their Haupialicious (coconut sorbet).

Besides lots of food...Watching all those movies really helped me pass the time, I was also able to get in several naps and some bathroom breaks.

How do you usually pass the time on a plane ride?


Rowena... said...

What airlines was this? Hawaiian? It's just so interesting to see the different foods depending on where you're up in the air....I love how British Airways offers tea all the time! And free half bottles of wine and more if you like. Passing the time is another thing. That background airplane noise really gets on my nerves no matter if I use earplugs. Makes me edgey, hence the request for more booze.

K and S said...

This was JAL Rowena...I hope the next time I ride this airlines, their menu changes, I'm so spoiled! Luckily, most international flights still have free booze I think most of the US Domestic flights have food and drink fees...sigh!

Take care.

K said...

Whoa that is expensive! Pinkberry isn't cheap but I don't think it's THAT much here on the East Coast.

My trips to Japan are usually filled with books, movies, and lots of snacks, haha.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you arrived home safely. I usually read on the flights but I've noticed that these days I am one of the few people with an actual book with me and not an e-reader. I am so behind the times.

Japan Australia said...

Pinkberry sounds quite expensive but looks and sounds real good :)

Japan Australia

thirtyseven said...

I love a good (actual) book too! It takes awhile for me to get into a book, so flying is a great time to start a new book.

Barbara said...

did you enjoy midnight in Paris? I hAte turbulence. I hope it wasn't too rough.

K and S said...

lots of snacks sounds like a good way to pass time K!

I am not much of an e-reader Anon, though I do have an app for it on my phone :)

airport food will definitely be expensive J-A!

I sometimes bring a magazine on board thirtyseven, but you are right it is a good way to get into a book :)

the movie was a bit slow in the beginning Barbara, I started just looking at the scenery instead of paying attention to the story, in the end I liked the movie.

Take care everyone!

Kathy YL Chan said...

That was crazy expensive ChikaLicious! I always feel the same way about Starbucks when I get my requisite frappuccino at the HNL airport location ;) What did you think of Midnight in Paris?

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - When we flew to Istanbul we watched five movies a piece.....we can't sleep on flights so we either watch the movies or read.

Anonymous said...

Glad to arrive back to Japan safe, I am so DONE With planes for while, I don't want to even think of the fee's I had to pay coming back early, changing flight plans..

I reluctantly came back in Aug, at it's most HOTTEST.. eww. I'm usually pretty tipsy by the time I land.

K and S said...

it was kinda slow in the beginning Kathy, so I was looking at the scenery, then towards the end the story got interesting, did you like it?!

wow 5 movies, I guess I could've tried to see more too Kirk.

my husband said it was a good thing I was in Hawaii Elle, he said the humidity and heat were pretty nasty.

Take care everyone!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I have to have snacks and a stack of magazines and at least one book. I get bored really easily.

Airport prices are always so crazy. ;-)

K and S said...

airport prices are really crazy Deb!

Take care.