Monday, September 26, 2011


versailles91811 (4) The Palace of Versailles is yet another UNESCO World Heritage site and is about 30 minutes from Paris (if there is no traffic).

The design of the town is thought to have inspired Washington D.C. to design its city like a wagon wheel too.

versailles91811 Groups entering the site needed reservations and every group had either earpieces or walkie talkies to hear their tour guide speak.

Still there were tons of people all trying to photograph the same things.

We were lucky to be able to see the fountains in the garden, since apparently they aren't always on.

I was amazed that there was a Ladurée shop near the gift shop area and I purchased some tea and their rose nougat.

brasserie91811 (3) Right next door to the Palace was a tiny brasserie called Brasserie du Musée.

This is where we got to try galette, a savory crepe made from buckwheat flour.

Our meal started off with a slice of terrine de campagne, which sort of reminded me of SPAM.

Then the galette which was filled with ham and cheese came and it was different from the type I've tried in Japan. The buckwheat flour seemed lighter in France than in Japan.

Dessert was a cup of sliced fruits.

komikku91811 After lunch, we headed back to Paris for a quick city tour and then they "corralled" us all into a duty-free shop...

If you wanted to stay and shop in the duty-free store you could, but Satoshi and I went in search of a shop called Komikku, in J-town.

They sell Japanese comics in French. I wanted to get these two books because the author (who is French) drew about his adventures in Japan.

stohrer91811 (2) And then we were off to Rue Montorgueil to Løv Organic.

I bought a tiny tea sampler with Ginger-Lemon, Rose, Mint and 4 citrus teas, I hope they are good.

A couple of doors up is Stohrer, a beautiful but tiny shop that sells prepared foods and pastries.

Satoshi and I tried their chocolate eclair and a dark chocolate nougat...yum.

We also bought an espresso at a Daily Monop' up the street from Stohrer and had a short but much needed rest off our feet.

louvre91811 Satoshi then said he wanted to see the Louvre, so we got security checked and walked the shopping floor of the museum, what a massive shopping and dining area it was!

To get into the museum itself would cost about 8 euros and you'd need a lot of time to explore (at least a day or two), since we didn't have a lot of time to do this I'm glad we got to see the glass pyramid and shopping area.

berthillion91811 After the Louvre, Satoshi wanted to go back to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which we had whizzed past on our city tour, so we did that too.

Then, we had the crazy idea to walk back to our hotel and got caught in a small passing shower.

It was cold, but I was happy when we stumbled on Berthillion without a long line in front, so we stopped to share a cup of melon sorbet and praline aux pignons (pine nut ice cream).

Lots of walking and eating but we only had one more full day in France...stay tuned!

Ladurée Versailles
Château de Versailles
78000 Versailles, France

Brasserie du Musée
2 place Gambetta
78000 Versailles, France

61 rue des Petits-Champs
75001 Paris, France

Løv Organic
15 rue Montorgueil
75001 Paris, France

51 rue Montorgueil
75002 Paris, France

31 rue saint Louis en l'ile
75004 Paris, France


Rowena... said...

That's a lot of stuff in such a short period of time. And terrine that reminded you of spam? Heehee, now I'm thinking terrine musubi!

jalna said...

Wow! Awesome adventure so far already!

K and S said...

I swear it was like spreadable SPAM, Rowena...terrine musubi sounds pretty awesome!

Thanks Jalna! glad you are enjoying it :)

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

You packed it all in--what a great day! ;-) I think I would fill my luggage full of tea and chocolate.

K and S said...

definitely the way to go with the tea & chocolates Deb :)

Take care.

Japan Australia said...

The adventure keeps getting better. The Palace of Versailles is yet another place I'd love to visit. Have visited the Louvre but was too much to see in to little time. We zoomed around quite quickly.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

I think you need a couple of days (or more!) for the Louvre J-A!

Take care.

Barbara said...

I was having a browse on Flickr and saw you were in Paris...and now you are home.How wonderful you and Satoshi could spent a parisian holiday together.

K and S said...

Thanks Barbara, it was short but we had a nice time!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Boy you really packed it in Kat! I love the design of the Louvre.

Kathy YL Chan said...

Ahhh you take me right back to Paris! Love that you visited Stohrer and Berthillion, lucky no line! I remember the first time I had a terrine (forget what time), the first thing I thought was 'fancy Spam'? Glad I'm not alone! ^_^

Lizzy said...

Oh, what great adventures! We're hoping to get to Paris next summer, so I'm living vicariously through you till then :)

K and S said...

lots of things to see, didn't have much time Kirk!

gosh, "fancy spam" so glad I'm not the only one too Kathy!

I hope you get to Paris Lizzy!

Take care everyone.