Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Along a route I walk, there are many temples.

Yesterday, I spotted an ume tree peeking out above one of the temple walls.

The gate of the temple was I went in and got a couple of shots of the tree.

Wow! I'm glad I stopped to check it out.


Kalin's Mommy said...

So pretty! Happy Girl's Day Kat!

tofugirl said...

What a gorgeous tree! Cherries are just starting to bloom here...seems early this year, but I guess we didn't really have much of a winter.

K and S said...

Thanks Mich :) hope you had a nice Girl's Day!

Thanks Tofugirl, glad you didn't have much of a winter :)

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Man, that is so pretty!

Happy Little Bento said...

Wow is right! So lucky!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

indeed Sheri :)

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Really . . .WOW!

K and S said...

Jalna, for real :)

Take care.

K said...


Kay said...

This is so beautiful. We missed the ume season when we went to Japan a few years ago.

K and S said...

It really was K!

I hope you get a chance to visit again Kay!

Take care you two:)