Monday, October 24, 2016

iburi gakko cream cheese

Remember that dip we had at Donpachi in Sendai?

Well, I found the tsukemono, Iburi Gakko (smoked pickles in Akita dialect).

Smoked Daikon, a type of pickle from Akita Prefecture.

I used about a 2-inch sized piece and chopped it up.

Then mixed with some cream cheese.

No real recipe.

I also found those Levain crackers, the ones that are made in Japan.

NOTES: This is great on crackers, but I am thinking it might be nice put in with a tuna sandwich too.

I'm making this again.


Anonymous said...

wow, this sounds so interesting! I wonder if other kinds of strong flavored tsukemono mixed with cream cheese would be good too. I just bought some really dried daikon tsukemono called gonjiri from Takeya and think I'll try mixing it with cream cheese!

jalna said...

Wait . . . what? Smoked daikon? Mixed with cream cheese? How interesting!!

K and S said...

I think you could use any type of strong flavored tsukemono, V, I often mix kim chee with cream cheese and kim chee is quite strong...will look forward to seeing your concoctions :)

different but ono, Jalna :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

I tried it with the gonjiri! It was great with wheat thins! Thanks for the idea! V

K and S said...

glad it turned out V!

Take care.