Thursday, December 01, 2016

a terre

We recently tried Patisserie A Terre's stollen.

It has marzipan in it and I enjoyed all the different dried fruits in it too.

They'll be moving soon, so I look forward to seeing their new shop.


Jo said...

I LOVE marzipan Stollen !! Well I LOVE anything with marzipan ..... My family lived in Germany when I was in high school and I really enjoyed their Christmas markets.
Osaka has one of those at the Sky Building , isn't it ? I wish we had a market like that here in Victoria !Especially that now I could enjoy all the Mulled wine and beer , not just the food ....

Rowena said...

you guys get the stollen choices here while get the panettone. I love marzipan stuff too, especially pastries.

K and S said...

yes Jo, I think the Christmas Market at the Sky Building is still around :) hope you get some mulled wine!

Amazing how panettone hasn't caught on here, Rowena, especially since we have so many bakeries around.

Take care you two.