Saturday, July 13, 2019


Update as to what I've been up to...

Tried Rainbow Drive-In's barbecue beef sandwich...super meaty, tender and tasty.

They have a new location in Pearlridge, will be back to try other items on their menu.

Tried the Haagen Dazs' Stout ice cream with Guinness Extra! the slightly bitter beer balances out the sweetness of the ice cream.

Sunday, woke up bright and early to get some goodies from Paalaa Kai Bakery (snow puffies for sunday dinner and a malasada for sunday breakfast).

Went car shopping with BFF Wen (lots of test driving but she ended up not getting anything)...lunch was at Kalapawai Cafe in Kapolei.

Boy! their wait service was lousy...took us forever to get our lunch...we were definitely hangry!

The beet and avocado sandwich was okay, but probably could've used a little more dressing or pickled onions, was kinda bland.

I also started cleaning/purging (and I was supervised by the furry one).

So far, the hardest part was going through all the photo albums...

Met with the realtor on Wednesday, who is super nice and patient.

I played my piano, thanked it for all the years of music, even the krazy piano lessons that at the time I hated taking, appreciative now that I can still read music and could play my favorite sonatina by Muzio Clementi...Sonatina, Opus 36, 1st movement.

Thursday, had lunch with V at Seoul Tofu House.

It was blazing hot and she had their seafood sundubu (tofu soup)...she said it was the best she's had, especially since there was a generous amount of seafood in it (no photo).

Me, I am a wimp when it is hot and had their cold perfect for the heat and with a nice chew!

V treated us to these kouign amann from B.Patisserie...favorite in this order...original, black sesame and POG (passion orange guava).

All were delicious.

Flaky and buttery.

(Funny story about the coffee from Starbucks...I ordered a nitro cold brew and they gave it to me in those new (to me) "sippy" cup thingies. Well, the top has a hole in it to drink from.
Since I was taking it out, I asked her for a regular lid, and she said, "why does the nitro make your lips feel funny?!" I was like, "no, because I'm driving and I don't want it to spill"...gah!)

V also gave us some avocados, gummies

and a pretty bracelet. (Thank you!)

It was nice hanging out with her and I'm glad we found on street parking in Waikiki! (score!)

So that was most of what happened since the last post...hope you have a nice weekend.

Rainbow Drive-In
Pearlridge Downtown 3rd floor
Aiea, Hawaii
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Open when Pearlridge is

Seoul Tofu House
2299 Kuhio Avenue
Waikiki, Hawaii
Hours: 11:00-21:00

b.Patisserie (inside Kona Coffee Purveyors)
International Marketplace
2330 Kuhio Avenue
Waikiki, Hawaii
Hours: 6:00-22:00

p.s. if you'd like to see other pictures I've taken, I've added the link here.


Anonymous said...

meant to ask, what will happen to your niece? will she be going with your brother? such beautiful eyes.

It's still so hot today. Guy Hagi lied again about being nicer weather. the humidity is such a killer. Don't envy you having to clean and purge. whenever you need a help or a break, let me know!


jenny said...

wow street parking in waikiki, total score! i love your visits back home because i can enjoy your food adventures myself if i wanted to...and you always have ono food!

sad to hear you folks are going to sell family home...will this impact your visits home to hawaii? i certainly hope not.

K and S said...

V, my brother will take her with him. Thanks for meeting up the other day, we can probably get together again soon!

Jenny, total score with the street parking, it can get pretty pricey if you had to pay. I enjoy the way you write your blog posts. I am pretty sure this will impact my visits home, so thankful my BFF has given me some closet & dresser space in her house, and says we can stay with her whenever we come to Hawaii. I'll probably have to rent a car or bus it, but at least I'll be able to come back...

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

nice that you'rev making progress! And am really jealous of that teri-beef sandwich. It was a staple of mine growing up in Kaimuki/Kapahulu. Who is going to take care of the "four-legged" one once the sale and move is completed Kat?

K and S said...

Kirk, the "four legged one" is my brother's, so he will take her with him when he moves. I am happy that Rainbow's is now in Pearlridge too, makes it easier to get their food, lots more parking at Pearlridge :)

Take care!

Steph said...

I was surprised too by the Starbucks nitro cold brew lid! I've long enjoyed your blog and would love to have been raised in Hawaii and live in Japan! Here in Massachusetts it's not nearly as interesting a food scene (tho we do have our share of great stuff). I guess anything different seems exotic! I love your love for food and your snobbiness for ramen! (We have terrible ramen near us - I have to venture farther out!) Good luck with the house sale. It can't be easy. xoxo -Steph

K and S said...

Thank you Steph, for reading and commenting :)

Take care!