Thursday, June 04, 2020

akueki taisan

(photo taken from Halekulani (Oahu) 2011) Monday night around various parts of Japan, they had a 5 minute fireworks display.

The areas were not disclosed, if you happened to be at the spot at the right time, you were lucky to view them. (we were watching a movie so we didn't hear or notice any fireworks)

The reason they did this was to prevent crowds.

Apparently Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu first displayed fireworks near the Sumida River as a way to pray for the health of the Japanese after an epidemic in what the Japanese call "akueki taisan".

Since most of this year's summer firework displays have been cancelled, it was a nice way for many of the firework makers around Japan, to "show off" their fireworks.

It was also a nice way to "cheer up" those who were lucky to see them.

A nice way to thank the people working on the front lines.

And most of all, pray for this pandemic to be controlled.


KirkK said...

That's a great gesture Kat! Hope things are turning around in a timely manner where you're at. Take care!

jalna said...

I like this!

K and S said...

Kirk it seems that the Japan government is starting to move on without tying up all the loose ends :(

Jalna, hope we can catch the next display :)

Take care you two.