Wednesday, July 03, 2024

this and that

tried gin for the 1st time (I think) too herbal for my liking.

dunno why these two wouldn't use our lanai to wait out the rain, if it were crows they would have definitely been on our lanai
hoegaarden rosee, I've had this in the past, but bummed to learn that they use an artificial sweetener (dunno if they did in the past), will have to pay more attention to labels
tried to make the easy pupu with assorted sashimi, I now understand why it should be mixed with the shio konbu.

Satoshi ended up using some shoyu to eat it.

Been wanting this silicone gamaguchi type wallet, happy I found the Hello Kitty version.

I'll be on hiatus for the rest of this month, and will be in Hawaii visiting family and friends.

We thought Satoshi might be able to come to Hawaii this year but his company is reorganizing so he said he’ll be super busy 

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Be well.


Anonymous said...

Kat, Have a wonderful time with friends and family.
Bonny OGG

Anonymous said...

in college, a friend and I drank more than half a bottle of gin. We were sooo sick. For years and years, I couldn't stand the smell of gin. I can occasionally handle a martini now.

jalna said...

V is too funny. See you soon!!

KirkK said...

Have a great time Kat! Been following your adventures on IG!