Sunday, November 23, 2014

yuzu marmalade

IMG_8984 The day I passed by the fruit stand, they had huge yuzu from Minoo and were selling them for 280 yen for 2.

I had debated whether I would have time to make marmalade and decided to wait...

The next day, the sun was out, so I went to check out the fall foliage, then figured to check out the fruit stand to see if she still had the yuzu...bummer, she sold out.

So, I went to a stand that brings in veggies and fruits from Kochi prefecture and bought 4 yuzu for 400 yen.

If I can get my hands on some Minoo yuzu, I'll definitely make another batch.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

nozaki vienna sausage

IMG_8804 I found the vienna sausage made by Nozaki.

The can is about the same size as the Libby ones.

I also bought a can of their 50% less fat corned beef to try.

IMG_8949 I was surprised because if I remember correctly, Libby's has only 7 vienna sausages in their can...Nozaki has 14!

Super cute and teeny but 14.

IMG_8950 We had these for two breakfasts.

They are smokey flavored and they have casings with a nice snap.

Not something we'll be eating everyday, but at least I know I can buy something similar here.

Friday, November 21, 2014


onigirazu I have been seeing this all over Japan's social media and blogosphere and had to try's called O-nigirazu.

If you remember, O-nigiri is what a lot of people in Kansai call rice balls...I've written a detailed post about that here.

Anyway with O-nigirazu, you don't mold the rice with your hands...which is why they call this O-nigirazu. In Japanese, using "zu" at the end of verbs makes the verb negative...I hope I'm explaining this correctly.

Take a sheet of nori...

onigirazu Place some rice (about the size of the shamoji (rice paddle) in the center and spread the rice out thin but do not go all the way to the edge of the nori, keep everything as close to the center of the nori.

I also added a piece of fried chicken and some baby leaf lettuce. Add the fillings that you like.

onigirazu Add a little more rice to top it off and bring up all the corners to the center, like when you make your own envelope.

NOTE: If the filling and rice combo is too much, your corners may not make it to the center.

I also used wax paper to hold everything together.

onigirazu Then I flipped over the O-nigirazu and sliced it in half. Try not to "saw" at it, as it may fall apart.

onigirazu When cut in half, it should kinda look like this.

These are perfect for picnics, parties or to put into your bento boxes.

NOTE: if you are bringing this on a picnic, you may want to wrap each half in plastic wrap. Also, if your filling has some sauce or gravy it may make things a bit soggy, so try to pick something that doesn't have too much liquid.

The different fillings are endless and you can even add furikake or tsukemono (pickles) to your rice, I hope you find a combo that you like.

I had fun making this and will make this again. Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


IMG_7526 Part of the stash of candies that I had brought back with me from Hawaii...

Most have been consumed....

The girl scout cookie Nestlès were...meh!

The MEGA M&M...they really were huge! (too bad the store I bought them at only had the plain version)

I enjoyed the Rockin' Nut Road Rocky Road ice cream with caramel in it...

The Birthday Cake M&Ms were way too sweet. And I love mint chocolates, so the M&M version was delicious.

And always a winner...Snickers Peanut Butter Squared.

What are you enjoying these days?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

yakiniku waou

IMG_8878 A relatively new yakiniku place opened up near our station called Yakiniku Waou.

It's up above Family Mart (a convenience store), so you can't really see into the restaurant, making it kinda hard to see if it is popular or not.

We took a chance and had dinner there this past Saturday.

They have a large menu and we decided to try the small portion course which you need to have at least 2 people to order...4000 yen plus tax each.

Dunno why Japan likes to make these constrictive rules on course menus...kind of hampers us trying two different course menus...

Anyway, our dinner started off with a large salad, nothing quite out of the ordinary here though I loved the crunchy sweet potato chips on top!

There was also 3 different banchan (fern shoots, soy bean sprouts and spinach), delicious!

And then came the beef tongue...cooked for just a little bit and then a little squeeze of good! Melt in your mouth.

IMG_8879 Chateaubriand and Sirloin Steak...

When Satoshi and I put the cooked piece of chateaubriand into our mouths we looked at each other because the meat just melted!

The sirloin was just as tender too.

IMG_8882 And then some ribeye roast...this wasn't as melt in your mouth as the others but still very tasty.

They had also given us three different sauces but we didn't really use them, just the salt and pepper that most of the meats were seasoned with were enough.

IMG_8883 Reimen (cold noodles) the salty broth reminded me of saimin broth and the noodles had a nice chew to them.

It was my first time to have these cold noodles with a slice of apple in it. It gave the whole dish a sweet-salty combination which I enjoyed.

IMG_8884 To end we had a choice of vanilla, strawberry or matcha ice cream...I chose strawberry while Satoshi had matcha.

We agreed the quality of the meat here was way better than Mooh! and when we come back, we'll order a la carte instead of their course menu.

We'll be back.

Yakiniku Waou
2-2-14 Ishibashi 2F
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 072.761.2011
Lunch : weekdays only 11:00-14:00
Dinner: 17:30-24:00
Closed Mondays

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

culture shock

IMG_8819 While out on a walk last week, I noticed this guy weedwhacking...

I also noticed his little "barricade" to protect rocks from flying at passing cars.

I thought this was pretty cool and considerate.

Monday, November 17, 2014

hitoame ichido

gmh3 The weather guy taught me something new the other day. It's a saying..."hitoame ichido" This means for each time it rains, the temperature goes down one degree.

Lately the mornings have been single digits...I've noticed some frost on some of the roofs too.

For those that can't stand snow or the cold, sorry, I'm still anticipating seeing snow.

We're supposed to have some rain later on today, so I guess the temperature will drop by a degree or so.

Have a good week!