Thursday, May 26, 2016


Untitled Yesterday, we had a bit of "excitement"

As Satoshi opened the door to our shoe closet, two of the three hinges "snapped" and the door was being held up by the last hinge at the bottom.

Satoshi called the building manager then left for work.

The building manager came to take a look at it and said that he would need to call someone to come and fix it.

Later that day, two men came to "fix" it.

They gave me kind of a weird vibe as one was wearing a suit and the other was wearing a workman jumpsuit.

They took a look at the door and said "whoa? it is big".

The guy in the jumpsuit then takes out this teeny ratchet looking screwdriver thingy and proceeded to take off the top hinge so that he could look for the same thing.

I was thinking "you gonna take forever with that teeny screwdriver" and he did.

So the door was hanging on by last hinge on the bottom and they were gonna leave the door like that until they could come back to fix it...

Untitled I said, "um, so is it safe to leave the door like this?"

They said, "no".

So I said, "so could you take the door off?"

"Oh you want us to take it off? we can do that"...sigh.

In the end, it took even longer because the guy had to take all the hinges off (with that teeny screwdriver) to get the door off...

And apparently it will take a week to find the parts...

Still I'm thankful our building manager moves quickly.

Anything exciting happening where you are?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


hydroponic blueberries❤︎the berries are quite tiny but delicious  #tokushima #japan #hydroponic #blueberry #徳島 #ブルーベリー #養液栽培 When I hear the word hydroponics, usually lettuce comes to mind.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find hydroponic blueberries at the market.

The berries are tiny! but firm and delicious.

Apparently they grow all sorts of fruits using this method.


Are farmers growing exciting things using hydroponics where you are?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

spicy pork

spicy pork noodle salad❤︎  #spicypork #noodles #salad #japan There is a spicy pork recipe that I currently am hooked on. I make a batch of it and freeze half of it.

all kinds of spicy❤︎and some slices of tomato  #dinner #japan #spiceoil #tofu #spicypork #eggplant #tomato #rice I use it to top roasted eggplant, tofu, yakisoba noodles.

spicy pork goya donburi, roast chicken cucumber salad & coldbrew oolong❤︎ #dinner #japan #oolong #coldbrew #roastchicken #goya #spicypork #donburi #水出し #ゴーヤー #烏龍茶 #丼 The other day I used with some goya (bittermelon).

It is similar to this recipe.

Spicy Pork from "Miyane-ya" : makes about 4 servings

160 grams minced pork
clove of garlic, grated
nub of ginger, grated
1/2 teaspoon tobanjan (chili paste)
3 tablespoons tenmenjan (sweetened miso)
2 teaspoons miso (soy bean paste)
3 tablespoons sake (rice wine)
180 milliliters chicken soup
2 teaspoons sugar
2 tablespoons shoyu (soy sauce)
sesame oil

In a pan, saute the pork with the garlic and ginger.
Add the next 7 ingredients to the meat mixture and cook, but do not boil
Add the slurry, mix well.
Add a little sesame oil for flavor.

NOTES: Depending how you serve it will determine how many servings you will have.
Super easy to make and having some in the freezer sure helps me whenever I don't know what to make for dinner.

Monday, May 23, 2016


thanks hubs!  #chàkeli #tea #chocolate #hongkong #茶古力 #香港 Over the past couple of days, Satoshi went to Hong Kong with some of his co-workers.

Before he left, I asked if he could look for these chocolates, Chà.Ke.Li which are made by an upscale Chinese restaurant, Yè Shanghai.

The reason I asked for these were because they were apparently infused with various teas.

He purchased 8 of their tea chocolates.

Jasmine (Ghana 40.5%), Longjin (Papua 35.7%), Matcha (White 37%), Earl Grey (Mexico 66%), Oolong (Venezuela 72%), Tieguanyin (Santo Domingo 70%), Shuixian (Cuba 70%), Pu'er (Tanzania 75%).

Unfortunately for most of these, the tea flavors were so overpowered by the chocolates they were unnoticeable.

We did enjoy the Jasmine, Matcha, Shuixian & Earl Grey ones though.

A bit disappointed, I am still glad we got to try these.

Thanks Satoshi!

Chà.Ke.Li by Yè Shanghai
Level 3, Pacific Place
Metro Admiralty Station
Hong Kong
Phone: 852.2918.9833

Friday, May 20, 2016

pâtisserie cri de coq

pâtisserie cri de coq Yesterday, I checked out Pâtisserie Cri de Coq, a tiny sweets shop in Minoo.

Since I wasn't going straight home, I picked up their croque-coco, a crisp coconut cookie.

croque-coco morning❤︎  #croquecoco #pâtisseriecridecoq #minoo #osaka #パティスリークリドコック #箕面 #大阪 #クロカンココ #japan So good!

They also have chocolate bon-bons & canelé as well as cakes.

Hope to get back to try other items.

Pâtisserie Cri de Coq
3-7-2 Hakushima, La Garellia 1F
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.729.0285
Hours: 10:00-19:30
Closed Wednesdays

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Untitled Slowly but surely, I've been washing our autumn/winter clothes.

As the weather warms up, we usually put them away and then take them out again later in the year.

Since I washed our knit caps, I wanted them to keep their shape without shrinking...

So I used my colander(s).

Untitled Satoshi was surprised when he came home to see my cap like this...

Fun, yeah?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

nuts soaked in honey

nuts in honey Nuts soaked in honey is trending here...

I'm not sure where this originated but remember seeing them in Paris at their markets.

Instead of buying the ones that I've seen at the markets here, I made my own.

Nuts Soaked in Honey : makes 1 bottle

Your favorite nuts (toasted, roasted or not), preferably unsalted
Your favorite honey

Fill a bottle with your favorite nuts and then drizzle the honey in to fill in the crevices.

Wait a couple of days before using.

NOTES: Super easy and delicious on plain yogurt.

Another way I've seen this used is on salad, which I hope to try soon.

I think this would also make nice gifts.

Have you ever seen/tried nuts soaked in honey? Please tell me how you used them.