Wednesday, September 02, 2015

made it...and a funny story

Made it back. We were actually scheduled to arrive early but had to wait for some kind of clearance so we ended up landing at the original arrival time.

The plane was filled with lots of families with little ones, so it was quite noisy. I was seated in between of two men, one who kept dozing off on my shoulder...geez!

I got to see "Mamma Mia" which was a nice musical and "Inside Out".

Immigration was krazy with all the visiting foreigners, I'm glad they re-vamped the way foreigners living in Japan go through, so we don't have to wait in the krazy lines!

The weather has gotten significantly cooler, and there was a slight drizzle yesterday.

Since I was arriving on a weekday, I asked Satoshi to pick up some things over the weekend, so that we could have breakfast the day after I came back.

sigh... Well, this is what happens when you ask your husband who grew up in the city to buy bananas...he sticks them in the fridge.

He then was shocked that they turned black.

After rolling on the floor with laughter...I told him "when have you ever seen bananas in the refridge? they are tropical fruits and need the "warmth" of the outside"

Of course, afterwards, Satoshi says, "Kat, you don't need to blog about this"

Oh, but I must!

thanks blog reader Ryan for the ohelo berry(similar to cranberries) jam! Needless to say, most of the bananas were inedible this morning.

On the up side, we tried blog reader, Ryan's mom's ohelo (oh-hello) berry jam. So good! If you are not familiar with ohelo berries they are similar to cranberries.

Thanks again Ryan!

I need to re-train my sleep pattern so as not to wake up at 4:30 when my "niece" used to wake the household to be fed her breakfast.

I hope my bags will be delivered on time today, am interested to see if TSA touched the insides or not.

Have a good week everyone.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

kokohead foods smoked ahi spread

o.m.g. Have you tried this yet? I don't know what I was looking at online but a picture of this came up...and then I needed to try it.

Apparently, it was developed by Chef Kevin Hanney who is the owner of 12th Avenue Grill and Koko Head Cafe and has been around for 18 years?! (where have I been?)

I called around and found it at Tamura's (another place is R. Field inside of Beretania Foodland). (Before you go to buy this, please call to make sure they have some)

It really is nice with the smokiness and creaminess.

This spread/dip went nicely with lavosh.

Of course, now I want to try re-creating it (smoked ahi (tuna), mayo, tamarind, onions, anchovies, chili pepper, garlic, salt)

I'm flying out today.

It was a shorter trip than in the past, but I got to spend time with family, meet up with a lot of friends and eat out at some of the places on my list.

The weather was often pretty miserable with the humidity and heat. Traffic was a nightmare at times.

I was often the "dinner" for mosquitos and I was also reminded "loudly" several times that "Kat, you do not tan".

I know it is hurricane season here, but I hope Hawaii's weather stablizes soon, it is definitely killer without an a/c.

Be well everyone.

Talk to you from the other side of the world.

Monday, August 31, 2015

paalaa kai bakery

snow puffies #waialua #hawaii #paalaakaibakery Have you ever had a snow puffy? It was my first time.

Cousin P picked up some for our dessert the other night.

The pastry was so flaky! And the custard not too sweet. Under all that powdered sugar is a semi-sweet chocolate motif.

I'm glad we got to try this and if ever I'm on this side of the island, I'll pick up some. (Thanks P!)

Paalaa Kai Bakery
66-1425 Kaukonahua Road
Waialua, Hawaii
Open 5:30-19:00 daily

Sunday, August 30, 2015

regal bakery

waiting for my brother's car to be serviced...breakfast no 2 maple bacon doughnut from @regalbakery , using wifi @ starbucks #hawaii #regalbakery #doughnut Finally got a chance to try Regal Bakery's maple bacon doughnut.

Their prices have gone up since the last time I was here.

I went to service my brother's car yesterday.

Since it was estimated to take about 2 hours, I walked to Regal Bakery, bought a maple bacon doughnut, then walked to Starbucks on Paiea Street.

They had seats inside by one of their windows, and since it was so grossly humid outside, I ate my doughnut inside with an iced coffee.

The doughnut was really soft, almost mushy, probably from the glaze and topping. The maple flavor seemed a bit fake to me and overall this was a bit too sweet.

But I'm glad they didn't skimp on the amount of bacon on there.

Don't think I would get this doughnut again but I'm glad I tried this.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

mw restaurant

unagi butterfish arancini, duck pastrami burger, ginger onaga, mw candy bar & tropical brûlée @mwrestaurant thank you Mineko! #mwrestaurant #hawaii Even though her schedule was kinda tight, I was lucky that my friend, Mineko had a little time to meet up.

Since we both had not been to MW Restaurant yet, we decided to have lunch there.

We started out by sharing the unagi butterfish arancini...unagi (eel) and butterfish are mixed with a risotto, scooped out into tiny orbs then deep fried. When plated it sat on homemade tsukudani nori and a schmear of kabayaki mustard on the plate.

These were crisp on the outside and creamy on the!

For my main, I ordered one of their pastrami burger.

Duck pastrami was ground up then formed into a "burger" patty, then it was grilled, topped with some bacon, cheese, a slather of sriracha mayo and served with lettuce, tomato, and pickled red onion all on toasted Japanese rye bread...this was a bit too salty for me.

Alongside the sandwich were barbecue fries...think barbecue chips in "fry" form...lots of flavor (no need for that ketchup that was served on the side).

Mineko had the ginger onaga (red snapper) this was cooked in a Chinese-style broth and topped with lup cheong, cilantro and bok choy (?)

Of course we saved room for dessert...I had their MW Candy Bar...this stuff was lethal!

A black truffle caramel, salty and sweet. A scoop of their ice cream and the very rich candy bar topped with some edible gold leaf.

Mineko had their tropical brûlée which was refreshing! tapioca pearls, lilikoi (passion fruit) custard, tropical good!

I'm glad we got a chance to meet up, it was nice seeing her.

Maybe next year, when Satoshi and I come back to Hawaii, I'll be able to bring him here.

Thank you for lunch, Mineko!

MW Restaurant
1538 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.955.6505
Lunch: served Monday-Friday 10:30-16:00
Dinner: served everyday from 16:00 until 21:00 (Monday-Thursday, Sunday), until 22:00 (Friday & Saturday)

Friday, August 28, 2015

the alley

hubs' last breakfast in hawaii : spam, over easy eggs & fried rice, huge sweet bread french toast with cinnamon apples for me & crispy bacon♡japan, you really need to learn about crispy bacon... #aiea #thealley #hawaii On Satoshi's last day in Hawaii, we went to The Alley for breakfast. In the past, we've gone for lunch, this was our first time trying their breakfast.

Satoshi ordered the spam with eggs (over easy) and fried rice.

I ordered their sweet bread french toast. The pieces of sweet bread were HUGE and coated with lots of cinnamon.

This comes with a bowl of cinnamon apples in place of maple syrup and I also ordered a side of crispy bacon.

Even Satoshi agreed that Japan just doesn't know about crispy bacon.

It was a jam packed 5 days for Satoshi, but I hope he enjoyed himself despite the heat and humidity.

p.s. he emailed to say that he arrived safely!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

rocky's, golden pork & foodland

rainy monday☔️loco moco for hubs & 2 over easy eggs, corned beef hash, and hash browns for those are tater tots��#rockys #waipahu #latergram #townboundtrafficisnuts Since we've been hitting most of Satoshi's favorite spots, we went to Rocky's in Waipahu for breakfast one morning.

The weather has been miserably humid and this particular morning it was raining (which actually made it a little cooler). But, the rain caused traffic to be hideous paired with some schools & UH (University of Hawaii) starting.

It was nice sitting in Rocky's with pretty much the place to ourselves.

Satoshi had a loco moco, it looked quite teeny, but there were 2 hamburger patties in there!

I ordered the 2 over easy eggs, corned beef hash with hash browns...I was super disappointed when tater tots came out posing as hash browns...

Other than that, I'm glad we got to revisit this place.

we had lunch with hubs' friend at golden pork. I had their tsukemen & they had the black garlic ramen(no photo). The gyoza is crispy. I like this painted wall that we saw on the way to the restaurant! #goldenpork #hawaii #ramen #tsukemen Lunch was with one of Satoshi's friends. We met near his workplace then walked to Golden Pork which is in the spot of Mediterraneo, which is a couple doors down from Tacos Zarate.

This restaurant is apparently from Japan and they do tonkotsu (pork bone broth) soup, which I am not really a fan of. The soup can be quite "heavy" in terms of oil and "porky smells".

Because rain stopped, the weather went from cool to miserably humid, so I ordered their tsukemen.

I didn't quite like that the noodles (which were too thick) were served still "wet" from being cooked then rinsed and that the soup seemed "gritty".

Satoshi and his friend had their black garlic ramen (no photo), this had a thinner noodle.

The gyoza was okay with the crispy outsides, though the filling seemed to be bland.

I think having lived in Japan for so long, I have secretly and scarily turned into a "ramen snob"...gasp!

This place is pricey with bowls starting from $10.50...

It was nice to see Satoshi's friend and great to try a new place (this shop opened in March 2015), dunno that I would come all the way to Hawaii to have a bowl of ramen though.

On the up side, how nice was this mural that I saw on the way to the restaurant?!

I've seen a similar one on Kapahulu, I hope to get a picture of it soon!

The weather doesn't sound like it will be letting up, as there is another tropical depression on the radar.

It seems like I ran away from Japan's miserable weather, only to be hit with Hawaii's miserable weather.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

#foodland poke & #rheinlander shore break IPA & Hefeweizen #hawaii #craftbeer #poke Dinner that night was an assortment of poke (po-kay) from Foodland and some craft beers made by Rheinlander called Shore Break.

We tried their IPA and Hefeweizen. We couldn't believe Foodland was selling them $1.49 a can! Both seemed fruity with a little bitterness.

Poke in Hawaii is always fresh and delicious, and there are so many variations, I can't wait to re-create some of these at home!

I still have a few more days before my vacation comes to an end, hope you aren't getting bored with these posts...

Golden Pork
1279 S King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii