Thursday, August 21, 2014


IMG_7746 So, I took out from La Tour Cafe last week.

I am pretty sure if I had eaten what I had bought at the restaurant, the results may have been better.

Ordering the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It comes with a slaw on the sandwich...cue a "red flag"

After getting my order, I didn't get a chance to eat right away...

Then as I took the sandwich out, I noticed the "pool" of slaw juices at the bottom of the box...this made the bread a bit soggy and chewy.

And then I spilled my mint water (insert pouty face)

After cleaning things up, I resumed eating, but by then the bread was really chewy.

At least the chicken was still crispy.

I think most items are best eaten in-house...despite this bad experience, I'll be back.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

odds & ends

IMG_7563 Some odds and ends that never made it to a regular posts...papaya (Thanks Aunty!)

IMG_7565 Ba-Le's lumpia. I don't care for their iceberg lettuce, so I just bought the lumpia and put it on top of my own salad, drizzling the nuoc cham as good!

IMG_7594 1st time trying Chicken Assagio at Assagio's. This was on an outing with BFF, Wen. The dish was so flavorful with the capers, olives and roasted red bell peppers! (Thanks Wen!)

IMG_7623 Palama Market's kimbap...still $3.50 plus tax but the rolls seem to be getting a little "skinnier".

IMG_7650 Tanioka's bento (teri beef & mochiko chicken) and a bag of their boiled peanuts...yum!

IMG_7653 Nanding's pan de coco (filled with coconut), lup cheong roll and chicken empanada. It was my first time trying the pan de coco and them both!

IMG_7663 Homemade fried rice with some char siu and portuguese sausage....mmm!

IMG_7666 Chinese chicken this salad!

IMG_7668 Zippy's small chili rice.

IMG_7677 Waialua Soda Works' Root Beer.

IMG_7688 Chun Wah Kam's char siu buns. This version's meat to bun ratio beats their manapua (char siu bao), hands down.

IMG_7690 Cold Brew Coffees...when Hurricane Iselle was approaching, I made up a batch of cold brewed coffees. Decaf for my brother and Regular for me...I figured if we didn't have electricity, we'd at least still have coffee for a couple of days...

IMG_7701 Tanioka's poke salad. It's actually just a salad that comes with 1/4 pound of your choice of poke for $6.95 plus tax. Not bad and the salad is huge!

So, some usual suspects as well as some new trys at old favorites...what have you been enjoying?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


IMG_7763 Earlier this month marked the one year anniversary of my mom's passing.

There was a hatsubon service at her church for all members who had passed away since the hatsubon service that was held last year. This meant that even members who had died just a month ago were included in this service.

I wrote about hatsubon in Japan here.

Over the weekend, we also held a small service for family.

The food was catered and I cleaned the house as best as I could to get it ready for guests.

I hope everyone had enough to eat and it was nice to see both sides of our family get together.

I must say that there is still a big void without her here.

Missing you Mom.

Monday, August 18, 2014

100% hawaiian, llc

IMG_7742 After Diego's closed, there was a plate lunch place that went up in their space.

That plate lunch place closed and now 100% Hawaiian, LLC is there.

Their menu is quite large and everything seems to be homemade.

I like that they serve breakfast "all-day".

I was craving a teri burger when I checked them out, so that is what I ordered...$3.50 tax included.

It doesn't look like much, but the patty was well seasoned with the teriyaki flavor. No goopy sauce on the burger.

They don't serve it with lettuce. And if there was mayo on the bun, it was just a little.

Everything seemed reasonably priced.

I wouldn't mind trying their $5 breakfast and plate lunches....I'll be back.

100% Hawaiian, LLC
719 Kamehameha Highway
Pearl City, Hawaii
Phone: 808.454.5454
Hours: Mondays-Fridays 5:00-14:00, Saturdays 6:00-14:00

Sunday, August 17, 2014

saying goodbye

IMG_7728 My father's sister passed away recently.

He has a lot of siblings and we rarely get to see most of them.

I am glad I had the chance to see her, even if it was two years ago.

Sending her immediate family this amazing sunset.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

the curb

IMG_7734 I had a chance to check out The Curb.

If I'm not mistaken, they used to be a pop-up type shop that specializes in coffee.

Since they recently moved into a space in Kaimuki, I went to check them out one afternoon.

It was really hot and muggy this particular day so I went with their Nitro Cold Brew...$3.75 plus tax.

This was a little lighter roast than I prefer but still very nice as an iced coffee.

I'll be back when I'm in the area.

The Curb
3538 Waialae Avenue, Suite#101
Honolulu, Hawaii
Open Mondays-Saturdays 6:00-18:00, Sundays 6:00-14:00

Friday, August 15, 2014

sweet e's cafe

IMG_7730 Got a chance to meet up with my good friend, Gaye. We decided to brunch at Sweet E's Cafe in Kapahulu.

I had forgotten how teeny the parking was at Kilohana Square.

Gaye ordered the Homemade Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict.

IMG_7731 We shared....super tasty corned beef hash and here's the oozy!

IMG_7729 I ordered the Stuffed French Toast with Blueberry Cream Cheese.

We shared this one too. We loved that this wasn't sickly sweet.

This is a great place to brunch! I'll be back.

IMG_7738 Some cute goodies from Gaye, those Hello Kitty items are to keep your earphone cords or any other cords from tangling...thank you!

It's always fun spending time with Gaye, I hope she had a nice time too!

Thanks Gaye!

Sweet E's Cafe
Kilohana Square
1061 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite #185
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.737.7771
Open everyday from 7:00-14:00