Thursday, July 24, 2014

koko head cafe

IMG_7572 Went to check out the newly opened Koko Head Cafe with my two aunties. This restaurant is in the old 12th Avenue Grill spot and they only serve brunch.

We waited close to an hour for a table. FYI: Your whole party has to be there to be seated.

We shared the following dishes: The cornflake coated french toast this comes with billionaire’s bacon,creamy black pepper maple, frosted flake gelato.

Pillows of french toast coated with cornflakes then deep fried. Kinda reminded me of good!

IMG_7573 Kitchen sink salad...this changes daily and depends on what ingredients they have.

This particular day was a "green goddess" theme.

Loved the dill in the dressing.

We wondered how they got the cucumbers to become "stars".

IMG_7574The Don Buri Chen...Miso smoked pork, five spice pork belly, French-style scrambled eggs, house-made pickles, chicharron, sushi rice.

Our chicharron had been sitting while we were finishing up our salad, so this was

But, the smoked pork and the pork belly were awesome!

The place is quite noisy so don't expect to have much conversation. Just take in what everyone else is ordering.

There was one party of older people and the guy pulled out his smartphone. The waiter asked him, "Would you like me to take a photo of you folks?"

And the guy said,"Nah, I just wanted to take a picture of the food!"...too cute!

Despite the wait and noise, the food is good...I hope to bring Satoshi here.

I'll be back.

Koko Head Cafe
1145C 12th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Open from 7:00-14:30

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


IMG_7562 It was my first time trying 'ulu (pronounced ooh-loo in Hawaiian...breadfruit a.k.a. artocarpus altilis.

When I was younger I was a really picky eater and whenever my mom baked these in the oven, the smell really turned me off.

I'm glad I tried it.

I think my Aunty said she baked it then sauteed it with butter.

The texture was a bit "spongy", but the taste reminded me of sweet potato...delicious.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

down to earth

IMG_7556 Love the salad bar at Down to Earth.

For $9.99 (plus tax) per pound, you can get an assortment of different salads.

I really like the curried quinoa, though I took more shredded beets...

What have you been enjoying?

Monday, July 21, 2014

hawaii sights

IMG_7545 What a krazy storm we had Saturday night. Lots of rain, thunder and lightning!

This particular sunset happened after practically a whole day of rain during the week...beautiful!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

los chaparros

IMG_7543 Met up with my cousin and his family the other day for lunch.

They have been seeking out Mexican food ever since they moved here and were eager to try Los Chaparros.

It is a tiny shop with a tiny parking area.

The food is decent.

I had their lunch special a soft taco and a crispy taco with shredded beef.

Loved how crunchy the crispy taco was and how it wasn't oily/greasy.

I hope they enjoyed their lunches as well.

It was nice catching up with them.

Thank you!

Los Chaparros
2140 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Closed Mondays
Dinner: 17:00-21:00 (until 22:00 on Fridays & Saturdays)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

aloha salads

IMG_7537 Love the salads at Aloha Salads.

Recently tried their Big Island Beet Salad...beets, mango, candied mac nuts, cranberries, goat cheese, greens, balsamic glaze, passion orange vinaigrette.

I think they could do away with the vinaigrette and just add a little more of the balsamic glaze.

It also comes with a pita.

Sweet, salty, and a little sour from the good!

Friday, July 18, 2014

on a walk

IMG_7531 Last year after I returned to Japan, my father was put into facility care.

Well, I finally got to see what the place looks like and was also able to meet the woman in-charge of the facility.

It is actually really close to my parent's house, really convenient.

Every week a sing-along group from my Dad's church comes.

They play the ukulele and sing various songs.

It is for all the residents there.

The parking isn't too good though.

So, I walked over to meet them for the sing-a-long the other day. It was so hot and humid...gah! (and it was only 9-ish in the morning!)

It was only about a 30 minute walk, but when I arrived, I was perspiring from head to toe...blah.

Despite the heat and humidity, it was still fun.