Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween

mosaichalloween Today is Halloween, hope you celebrate safely.

Satoshi has a drinking gathering with friends, so I'll be celebrating by myself...

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


meh Over the weekend Satoshi and I shared the following two beers by Belhaven...oh em gee...just colored fizzy water with foam.

How can they even call this beer?!

meh Even more disappointing was their stout...just darker colored fizzy water with foam.

You know, I really don't like to post negative things, but this was bad.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014


@ aramaki rose park Sunday the weather was quite summery, I think the high was 25C!

We packed a spam musubi bento and went to check out the roses at Aramaki Rose Park.

Arriving close to 9:00, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was nice, no one smoking or talking loudly. Just peace and quiet.

As the tour buses of people arrived, we left and went home to figure out what to do about lunch...

at ITM airport, eating #lunch, pondering places to #travel to #osaka #japan We ended up hanging out at the Itami airport (which is nearby where we live)...just gazing at the planes, dreaming of places to travel to.

The airport also has a huge furniture/interior store, so we did a little window shopping...I think we may change our dining table soon...whoo!

The weather was the point of being, HOT! At least it wasn't humid.

What did you do on the weekend?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


beni imo tarte♡ #sweets #japan #osaka #sweetpotato I don't think I've ever told you about Anri's sweet potato tartes.

They actually make two kinds...this purple one and a yellow one.

I prefer the purple one because of the vibrant color.

Inside of their flaky crust is a custard which is topped with a huge dollop of sweet potato paste.

Perfect for an afternoon treat.

Monday, October 27, 2014

thanks for today

thanks for today! have a nice weekend :) #osaka #sunset #japan #nofilter The big condo next to our apartment is fixing itself up, so they have all sorts of netting and scaffolding around the complex.

That combined with another condo coming up using a huge crane makes for ugly sunset shots...

thanks for today! #sunset #osaka #japan So, I sometimes get out of the house during the sunset hour to get shots like this one...

thanks for today! #sunset #osaka #japan Or like this one...

I still think it is a nice way to thank "someone" for the day.

Have a nice week.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Lawson x Fujiya macarons (pistachio & framboise) #macaron #conveniencestore #japan #osaka #instamag #nofilter #phonto Came across these macarons at Lawson the other day. They are made by a Japanese confectioner, Fujiya.

The green one is filled with framboise (raspberry) cream and the pink one with pistachio cream.

I enjoyed the cream fillings tasted like the real deal.

IMG_8267 Last month, Yoshimi gave me this yuzu macaron by Malebranche. It was filled with dark chocolate ganache.

IMG_8268 So good! Thank you!

I'm glad I re-connected with macarons, it had been awhile since I had one, these reminded me how much I love them.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

on the lanai

IMG_8483 About a month ago, I told you that I planted some brussels sprouts on the lanai...well, then there were these green aphid looking thingies.

I sprayed them with a chili pepper water mixture, but that didn't work.

I then added some dish soap and turned the nozzle to a harder stream and that seemed to work.

Until I saw these teeny fuzzy grey-beige-y worms...I had to put on my specs to get all of them off!

Not to mention I had to check on the plants every morning for almost a week...

IMG_8594 And then I saw on television that the worms like to attack the plants at night, so I started to cover them.

I used the liners I have for my garbage basket in the sink, they are soft and made of poly-something-something but allow the plants to get air.

It seems to be working.

IMG_8596 And then I brought the ranunculus indoors so that it could get some direct sunlight. Kinda looks like celery though...

It doesn't look like it but, the one in the pot on the left just started to sprout.

The kale (which also got attacked by the green aphid looking thingies) isn't doing to well, but the swiss chard and two types of parsley (italian and cilantro) are doing fine.

How is your garden doing?