Monday, December 11, 2006

chocolat chaud

Remember when I went to Tokyo in October? I was able to buy some chocolate beads from La Maison du Chocolat. Today, I made a cup of their chocolat chaud (hot chocolate).

Inspired by a blog friend, William, he is having a hot chocolate week on his blog, Chocolate Obsession--check it out if you have some time, he has an excellent stash, I decided to give the chocolate beads that I bought a try.

The 7.41ounces (210g) of chocolate beads makes 4 cups, I cut the recipe down because I wanted only 1 cup.

It was rather easy to make, just bring to a boil the suggested amount of milk and water on the package and whisk in the suggested amount of beads. (I don't have a whisk, so I used a slotted spoon and stirred constantly.) Then turn the heat down to let the mixture reduce a bit and strain through a sieve before serving.

The mixture is thick, rich and very chocolatey. It starts off sweet in your mouth and ends with a little bitter chocolate taste at the end.

I'll have to make a cup for Satoshi, he'll love it.


Anonymous said...

Is it a kind of cocoa drink?
I wonder if you can add some marshmallow. It sounds really sweet.

K and S said...

Hi Sue,

I guess you could call it cocoa, but it is made from real chocolate than the cocoa powder. I don't think adding marshmallows would be a good idea, it is quite sweet on its own. Although, if you like, I guess you could.

Take care.


Brilynn said...

Give that chocolate a shot of Baileys and you're good to go!

Anonymous said...

That cup of chocolate looks so rich. I can almost feel the velvety taste of the drink. Hmmm perfect on a cold winter night.

K and S said...

Ooh, Baileys, haven't had that in awhile, Brilynn. May have to try it.

Thanks Monique, it was very rich and chocolatey, perfect for a nippy winter night.

Thanks for stopping by you two.