Wednesday, January 09, 2008

foodie tuesday in kyoto

Yesterday, I met my blogging friend, Tamakikat for walking, talking and noshing around her stomping ground, Kyoto.

We met in the morning and the weather was beautiful! As we walked through Yasaka Shrine, we saw a procession of people. It turned out that these people were from the Toei Movie Land in Kyoto and were going around to different establishments to give their New Year greetings.

At our last meeting, Tamakikat had mentioned about having matcha fondue, so I had her take me for some at the place she tried it at, Jouvencelle.

A two layered ceramic box comes filled with different types of seasonal fruit and Japanese confections.

The matcha fondue is warm and they also add warm milk to it at the end for you to drink (though we didn't drink it because we were stuffed!)

I thought they mixed white chocolate with matcha to make the fondue, though Tamakikat thought they had a matcha chocolate which they melted, either way it was delicious.

As we were walking about, we came upon this cafe. I don't think the owners realize what they named their cafe...or maybe they do.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'll post more about our adventure...roaming the machiya(town houses)...stay tuned.

South of the Yasaka Shrine Torii (gate)
Higashiyama, Kyoto
Phone: 075.551.1511
Open 10:30-18:00


Anonymous said...

there are some Free entry to Kyoto temples on

Chibog in Chief said...

i love this idea of yours to do a foodie stroll with another blogger..thanks for sharing your delicious adventure..itadakimasu!!! :-)

Chibog in Chief said...

btw, the name of the cafe is really funny..hehehe its really worth being photographed

lina said...

the macha fondue looks interesting. would love to try too, considering my husband loves macha

Rowena said...

(sorry Kat, this is so incredulous that I just gotta repeat myself) -- MATCHA fondue? Matcha FONDUE?!?!

This is the foodie adventure of the week, it's...I'm just drooling in amazement....

Thistlemoon said...

Matcha foundue sounds like the most amazing thing ever, Kat! YUM!
I am obsessed with Macha smoothies. So this would be right up my ally! YUM!

K and S said...

You are welcome, Dhanggit.

It was great, Lina, I hope you get to try it soon.

It was nice Rowena, maybe you could re-create it??

Ooh, matcha smoothies, Jenndz, those sound amazing!

Take care everyone!

Monique said...

Matcha fondue sounds delicious... maybe a tiny bit healthier than regular chocolate fondue too?... hmmm No chance to find that here so maybe one day, I can make this at home instead.

ilingc said...

The matcha fondue sounds fabulous. I'm going to try it at home one of these days and I love the little trays they serve the dipping food in.

As for the name of the cafe, LOL well.. would it really be offensive if I say, "only in japan" can you get away with it?

K and S said...

I want to try to re-create it too, Monique. Let me know if you get a good combination.

Yes, only in Japan can they get away with the names of their shops, Ilingc. :)

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...


I just ran into this place a few days ago. I thought that I was hardened to weird English in Japan, but no. I nearly crashed my bicycle into an oncoming car!

Yesterday, a friend and I drove by in his car and I pointed it out to him and explained the name. He was incredulous. I asked him what he thought of a cafe in an English speaking country called 'chichi'. That is pretty 'hen' he thought.

Oh, what will they think of next?


K and S said...

Well Peko-P, there was a bar in Sakai named Boozer :)

Take care.