Sunday, August 24, 2008


Are you watching the Olympics? It is being shown all day until late into the evenings here. I surprised myself by "watching" that long opening ceremony and have been watching most of the events that the Japanese are in.

Olympic coverage in Japan means that they show only what the Japanese participate in. (This goes for MLB too, just the scores for the teams that the Japanese players are on are broadcasted.) For the Olympics, different channels have the rights to broadcast different events, so it helps that our television's screen can split in half.

Anyway, Japan was playing USA for the bronze in baseball, though the game was exciting, my stomach was growling quite loudly, so I stepped out to get some groceries and lunch.

Every time I've passed this place, it was before their opening time but it always smelled so wonderful and spicy.

SOL stands for "spice of life" and they make Indian-style curries. This tiny place only has 6 seats and they have a take-out window.

Today as I was making my way home with my groceries, I decided to buy my lunch from here.

They don't have an extensive menu and there is only 1 guy working the counter and making the naan. (I think he is the owner too)

If you order from the window, be prepared to wait, especially if you order naan. The guy makes the naan as it is ordered and it takes time to bake.

I ordered the chicken curry (spice level: medium) 300 yen (about US$3). The portion is small, the size of a cup of soup, but delicious and spicy.

I ate all the chicken and potatoes (there was actually quite a lot of chicken) first and sopped up the sauce with the naan (200 yen about US$2).

Everything was good, I want to go back and try their vegetable curry. I've also seen keema curry on a sign as I've passed by, but I don't think it is an everyday item because it wasn't on the menu today.

If you don't like naan, you can order turmeric rice for 200 yen (about US$2) or a bigger portion of turmeric rice for 300 yen (about US$3).

Since our neighborhood is near a university, most of the eateries are quite reasonable to cater to the students and their supposedly low budgets. (I have a feeling this was why the menu was in English also.)

5-2-17 Segawa, Ootori building 1F
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 090.9885.1842
Closed: Tuesdays

UPDATE: Japan lost and USA got the bronze. Oh and you media dudes, stop interviewing these players "right" after they get off the field (especially if they lost), you ask them "how do you feel?" They lost the game, they aren't going to tell you they feel great...

I especially loved the one broadcast where a grandma was watching her grandson in Judo. The media dude tried to interview her in the middle of the excitement, she pushed the mic away and gave the media dude "the eye". Then after her grandson received the gold medal, she exclaimed into the media dude's mic that "she was so happy". The media dude then asks her, "how do you feel?" She bit his head off and told him, "I just said I was happy!" That will teach you media people to listen to what is being said to you...


Phoebe said...

hahaaha goodness me the grandma was funny & strong!! Was the curry really hot???

K and S said...

I was trying to find video of it but no luck, Phoebe. The curry was spicy, to give a little burn in your mouth, but not severe enough to keep burning even after you had finished it.

Take care.

2kamuela47 said...

Go one Grandma! Media people they always seem to say stupid things.

Indian curry is so ono! I used to go to a restaurant in downtown Honolulu on Bishop between Hotel and Beretania. I believe it's called Kalama Curry House. I may be wrong but the dishes were really good.

Take care and enjoy remaining days of the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, some of those interviewers need some lessons of their own.

Your food from SOL sounded delicious. The price sounds just right for me. ;-)

Paz (who's also watching the Games)

bourgogne said...

you're so lucky to have some indian food options. we're not as lucky :( wah.

re: interviewing the losing team, crying is good tv. :D

K and S said...

Sorry to hear you don't have many Indian places nearby, Bourgogne, but you do have a LOT of macaron places, I'll swap with you :) oh, and the guy that they interviewed looked like he wanted to sock the media dude, THAT would have made excellent TV.

The price is definitely excellent, Paz :)

I'll have to put that place on my places to try the next time I'm home, Laura.

Take care everyone.

Thistlemoon said...

Looks like a delicious lunch! Isn't it great finding these little gems so close to home? ;)

K and S said...

Thanks Jenndz, anything close to home is wonderful :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

The curry looks good--I love Indian Food and especially curry. What good prices too.

K and S said...

Thanks Deb, it was spicy, and very reasonable :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I saw something like that too for a track event. This guy was going to get a silver or bronze medal, was running around with his flag really happy...then he found out he was disqualified. The reporter interviews him right then and was like, "how do you feel?" I thought that was so insensitive.

K and S said...


So sad that the media tries to convey "every moment", they should let the athletes be so that they themselves can savor the moment.

Take care.