Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sudachi marmalade

I received this jar of marmalade awhile back from my friend, Kazumi.(Thank you!) Actually the expiration date has come and gone already on it.

I think the expiration dates on most food items here are a bit too strict. Some are only 2 weeks after being manufactured. Though I do understand if something is "raw", it would need a short expiration period. But for the most part, most food things like canned or bottled items can go "years" without spoiling.

Sometimes I think the Japanese are controlled by the dates on their food. Me, I use my nose, if it doesn't smell bad, we eat it. As long as there isn't anything fuzzy growing on it or it isn't slimy, we eat it.

Anyway, after receiving this marmalade, I didn't know what to do with it. I thought it would be sour. But after reading the ingredients on the label, I realized, it may not be so sour after all.

There was honey, as well as kanten (agar-agar) in there. I opened the jar the other day and put some onto our toast with some cream cheese....delicious. Not sour at all. The lime is sliced so thinly that you don't even notice it.

p.s. there is something wrong with blogger...I can't upload photos how I've normally done so. Hopefully you can see this photo, I uploaded through Flickr. I'll try to re-do the photo after blogger fixes their server---fixed now, thanks blogger!


Rowena said...

Oh-oh...I've heard several complaints about blogger so I think I'll lay low for awhile. I'll have to upgrade to Pro in order to upload more pics to flickr!

I'm with you on the expiration date. I guess companies just want to cover their bases from liability suits? Oh, and about those bilberries...grrrr...last year there were free samples given out. This year nothing! I think it has become one of those events that will grow bigger than what the community can handle (we had to park farther this year). I just hope my itty bitty post in 2007 had nothing to do with that. It'll be like how Rick Steeves turned Cinque Terre into a tourist trap! :-(

Deb in Hawaii said...

It looks really good--especially with the cream cheese. I am so into lime lately.

K and S said...

You are probably right about liability suits, Rowena. Sorry to hear about that sagra, we hardly check out festivals around here because there are just too many people.

Thanks Deb, I am wondering if this will taste good as a cheese cake....

Take care you two.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great breakfast - I've never had lime marmalade before!

K and S said...

If you ever see it in Marukai/Shirokiya, it is great on toast!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

That is actually not lime. It is a Japanese citrus fruit that looks like key limes. You might noticed a difference in taste.