Sunday, December 07, 2008


There is a little kissaten (coffee shop) called Baraen (Rose Garden) near our shopping arcade. From the outside it looks run-down. The inside interior hasn't been changed in years, the walls are yellow from all that tobacco in the air.

I usually don't hang in places like this because of all the smoking, but we wanted to grab a fast breakfast the other day and this place was empty.

Most of the coffee shops in Japan offer reasonably priced "mo-ning" (morning) sets. This usually includes toast, salad, maybe an egg and coffee. At Baraen, their morning set is 400 yen (about US$4). It comes with a ham and egg salad sandwich, salad and coffee.

There are other kissaten in our shopping arcade, hopefully we'll get around to trying them.

Have a great week.


Lori said...

I've always thought it was great how the morning sets in Japan have salads!

K and S said...

Sometimes it is the only chance to get in some veggies for the day, Lori :)

Take care.

Phoebe said...

hahaha quick preparation for the 'up and go'. Tobacco..doesn't do wonders for you at all. Good on you for disliking it =)

Tamakikat said...

I love the 'gap' between the name and the decor/atmosphere of this place, Kat.

Gorgeous day weather-wise hey.

With the window fixed and the sun shining I'm sure you had a good day:)

I started on 'oosouji'. Finished most tasks-feels so good:)


Lynne said...

How interesting, salad in the AM!

K and S said...

Thanks Phoebe!

I'm jealous you started "oosouji" Tamakikat, we'll probably get to it after Christmas :)

Like I said previously, Lynne, sometimes this is the only time of day you'll see vegetables :)

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of this Kissaten and I like it's name, Baraen. Their breakfast sounds good.


KirkK said...

Mmmmm salad for breakfast... my Mom used to love watercress for breakfast! Is smoking legal in all eateries in Japan, or just in certain types of eating establishments? I'm glad you're door is fixed.

K and S said...

Thanks Paz, the breakfast was good for something simple and quick :)

Smoking is still legal in most eateries here Kirkk :( In fact there are times when they ask you, "smoking or non-smoking" and place you right next to a smoking table.

Take care you two.