Thursday, December 04, 2008

grob ofen

Do you take a tea/coffee break in the afternoon? Since moving to Japan, I notice that I do almost everyday.

Grob Ofen is a tiny shop located near the Hankyu Sakurai station. They specialize in German sweets. In the past, I've bought their delicious stollen.

The other day, I walked up to buy some cakes for tea time.

Bayerdere: an earl grey mousse and a ginger mousse separated by walnut cake. The earl grey flavor and ginger flavors are very light but delicious and not too sweet. (368 yen about US$3.68)

Noisettine: a rich ganache tops a chocolate mousse filled with dried fruits and nuts and a dark chocolate brownie filled with nuts on the bottom. A must for chocoholics! (380 yen about US$3.80)

Hate to end this post on a bad note, but yesterday while I was on the computer, I noticed something shiny behind the curtain. I thought that it may be condensation from the window, so I pulled back the curtain to find this. A huge crack! I freaked. I don't think "someone" did it. (I'm crossing my fingers that no one did.) No sign of impact either. Anyway, I called the building management and am waiting for them to come take a look at it. The lady in the office told me to put some tape on it, so that is what I did, I think she thinks the crack was a tiny thing...hopefully they can fix this soon.

UPDATE: management guy called back, said no sense he come take a look at it. will call a glass door company for me and have them take a look and also replace the door...cross your fingers this happens soon, still freaking out.


Tamakikat said...

OMG Kat! That crack is huge!

It's almost as big as my appetite for sweet treats:)


beadexplorer said...

Yes, I take a break when I can. I did not like it in the past but this year I have learned that it is better to look forward to sweets at a certain time of day and enjoying it deliberately with a cup of tea than eating sweets here and there and then over the whole day. ;) However, I usually don't go out to eat. Sometimes I get me some kind of cake from the confectioner nearby, sometimes I just eat chocolate or cookies.

Scary about that crack!!! I hope someone will repair this soon!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

I would need cake too after seeing that...a LOT of cakes!!!

Phoebe said...

the cakes look really good! Fruitcake made here in NZ is way too sweet! Whoa! That window looks really unsteady. Be careful!!

shar said...

Hi kat, Love those desserts :)

Hope that the window is fix asap.

take care

grace said...

the super and office lady need to come down and take a look at that crack! what?!

hope it all gets taken care of asap.

K and S said...

Thanks Tamakikat, beadexplorer, Carol, Phoebe, shar, & Grace!

The guy is coming in a few minutes to check it out. Will update after that :)

Take care.

genkitummy said...

I hope everything works out with your window!
The Noisettine looks great!

Suze said...

Those sweets sound good especially the chocolate one! That crack looks scary. Hope they change the glass asap.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I hope they fix that soon!

Lori said...

I think I'd go for that chocoholic one! :)

Hope you can get your window replaced soon.

Jenster said...

Does that window face a walkway? I sure hope it gets fixed soon! I wonder if you can get building management to move quicker by citing it as a security threat.

I always have a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, but it's more to keep my energy going. Usually it's while I'm running around trying to get too many things done! I should stop more often and have a proper tea, or at least drink my beverage while sitting down for at least five minutes, LOL.

K and S said...

Thanks Genki, Kirkk, Lori :)

You should sit down and have a beverage, Jenster :) Our apartment is not on a walkway, but we still hope it gets fixed soon :)

Take care everyone.

Catherine said...

Love the cake shots!!

K and S said...

Thanks Catherine!

Take care.
Kat said...

German sweet shop in Japan. Whoda thunkit?

K and S said...

I'm glad it is close-by, FPB :)

Take care.