Sunday, December 28, 2008


The highs have been quite low...10C-12C (50F-53F), the lows have been really low 0C-4C(32F-39F), while we had some sleet, Kyoto had some snow.

Yesterday, Oahu had a major power outage, Satoshi had to work overtime since many flights were delayed going to Hawaii. He also went to work this morning to check on things.

I noticed I had some photos that I hadn't posted about, so I wanted to tell you about what I've been eating recently...I made a stir fry with sweet potato, mushrooms, carrots, green beans and kim chee...simply delicious.

Recently at Anri, I have been addicted to these french breads with beef stew in them. The bread is the size of a fist and there is beef stew and a little cheese.

Another version of this is with chunky potato salad in it...also addicting.

Recently I made a kinpira using gobo (burdock), carrot & sweet potato. I had some leftover soup from making udon, so after stir frying the veggies in some oil, I added the soup, a little sugar, some sesame oil. Since I couldn't find my chili flakes, I sprinkled some chipotle flakes....It was delicious.

Recently at Starbucks I tried their Dark Chocolate Cherry Mocha and their chocolate biscotti...meh...too much fake cherry flavor in the mocha and the biscotti was just so-so.

On another trip to Starbucks, I tried their plain biscotti with the Chocolate truffle cocoa. I liked this biscotti better, there were lots of almonds and bits of chocolate in it.

Recently, there was saikyozuke saba. Saikyozuke is when fish is soaked in Kyoto white miso. Before baking in the oven, you need to wipe some of the miso off (to prevent it from burning).

Though, even if I wiped the miso off, it still burned. At least it was only the skin of the fish that burned.

Recently, there was a muffin sized pannetone from my student, since my neighborhood German sweet shop ran out of stollen, this was the closest I got to something Christmas-y. (Thank you!)

Recently there was a Chinese bento from Daiei...mabo nasu, sweet sour pork & chinjaorosu (sorry, I don't know the english name for this dish--bell peppers with some beef or pork)...320 yen (about US$3.20)

Recently I made some fajitas using only veggies and the mexican lime olive oil....delicious.

What have you been eating recently?


Anonymous said...

Turkey leftovers...

grace said...

my family had a huge holiday get together with plenty of food - and i happily took home lots of leftovers. today, i ate sandwiches made with Honeybaked ham. also had some wonderful roast duck for dinner.

Kat, can you tell us a little more about the stir-fry w/ sweet potatoes, etc? i have a bag of sweet potatoes, plus carrots, mushrooms, etc. and would love to make what you did - were the sweet potatoes roasted first?

thank you and hope your holidays are going well!

Lori said...

Yes, it was an interesting evening. We had a small generator though, enough to plug in the refrigerator, a lamp, and our cell phone chargers.

Stay warm! :)

Lynne said...

The first dish sounds very interesting and good! Are you at liberty to share the recipe? If so, email me, lol! Thanks for sharing, as always - your blog is such a treat (no pun intended)! Have a great day!

K and S said...

Canenho, sounds delicious :)

Grace, all my veggies were raw, I sliced them about the same size so they cook evenly, then put some oil (like a tablespoon) into a pan, toss the veggies in the oil until all the veggies are coated and start to get a little brown, then at the end I add some kim chee. The sweet potato and carrot will be a bit crunchy but still delicious.

That is cool you had a generator, Lori :)

Sure, Lynne, just look at my response to Grace, and you'll have to recipe.

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Fried carp and potato salad - our traditional Christmas dinner. Today I had some Udon noodles - I guess they are from Japan. It is a new thing in our shops and they have them in various tastes - sweet potato, quinoa, black rice... I like them a lot.

Fuji Mama said...

Mexican lime olive oil...drool...yummy! Since we're visiting family, I'm mostly at the mercy of my MIL. It's a good thing she's a pretty good cook!

K and S said...

I have never had fried carp, Lavinia, but your flavored udon sounds delicious :)

You could probably order some oil online, Fuji Mama :) I'm glad your MIL is a good cook too!!

Take care you two.

Debinhawaii said...

My power was out almost 21 hours. Apparently Hawaii Kai was one of the last to be turned back on. Yikes! I slept and read mostly then made bacon when it came back on (wanted to see if it was still OK and was craving protein as I had been eating coconut bread and rice chips during the outage). I want to be eating what you have been eating--it all looks good!

genkitummy said...

Those bread bowls look so delicious! I wonder if I could replicate it.

K and S said...

It would be neat to see if you could replicate it Genki :)

Ooh bacon, that would be my protein of choice too Deb :)

Take care you two.

Phoebe said...

french breads are really tasty! hmm...I guess that will rule out trying the Cherry mocha for me.

K and S said...

everyone is different Phoebe, you may like the cherry mocha :)

Take care.