Saturday, March 07, 2009


On the last day of February, after days and days of rain, the sun finally came out. Satoshi had a slight cold from working too many late nights and not getting enough sleep, but he followed me to Suigetsu Park to check out the ume/momo (apricot/peach) blossoms.

There were a lot of people out taking advantage of the good weather, it was nice to see so many out and about.

For lunch, we stopped at a shop called Ferdinand. When we first moved to Minoo, I found this shop by accident and at the time they only sold loaves of bread, not much else.

Since then, I've noticed that they now serve breakfast and lunch and that they have a better selection of different breads both sweet and savory. (Their sign says "humans cannot live by bread alone" in German.)

We ordered our lunch and the first thing that came were two shots of yuzu (citron) vinegar. Drinking vinegar is a trend here and is supposed to start-up your digestive system.

Satoshi ordered the omurice (omlette over rice). A mound of rice is topped with a fluffy scrambled egg and a thick Japanese sauce. His dish came with a seaweed soup and salad.

I ordered the beef stew. The first bite reminded me of those Campbell Chunky soups but better. The meat was fall apart tender and the soup, rich. My order also came with bread and salad.

Satoshi thinking that his order would be small, bought a garlic toast. I bought a slice of kugelhof for dessert. We were surprised that they gave us seconds of bread to sop up the stew.

While we ate, I noticed that there were a lot of elderly people buying bread or having lunch and customer traffic was quite steady.

I want to check out their breakfast.

1-12-2 Iguchi-do
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 072.763.5599
Closed on Wednesdays
Open: 8:00-20:00


Rowena said...

Vinegar shots??? Now that's news to my ears. Looks like you guys ate very well at Ferdinand's. I hope Satoshi gets well soon!

HanamiGallery said...

looks like a wonderful day. i cant wait to see cherry trees around here bloom! the food looks great too~ i think im going to have some soup for lunch now! hehe

OkiHwn said...

Stew does look good!

Deb in Hawaii said...

It looks like a wonderful lunch. I hope their breakfast is just as good.

K and S said...

Thanks Rowena, he's better now :)

Thanks Hanami, I can't wait for the cherry blossoms either!

Thanks Nate :)

I hope so too, Deb :)

Take care everyone.

Marie said...

I love omuraisu, although the version I'm used to is made with ketchup. I love ketchup, but am fully aware that there are people out there who are not so into it. Also, all this bread talk makes me want to stop in at an Asian bakery this weekend!

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - I love good vinegar....but I dunno about vinegar shots. It's something I need to try.

K and S said...

I am used to the ketchup version also Marie. But the demi glace version is my favorite.

I guess it would need some getting used to, Kirkk :)

Take care you two.

Lynne said...

I have to ask what it means to "start up the digestive system"? Your posts are always so interesting! I learn something new everytime I read them.

I hope Satoshi is feeling better. I think I would prefer what you ordered over the egg and rice and soup. The stew looks warm and yummy!

K and S said...

Hi Lynne,

The Japanese have started drinking a little vinegar. From what I understand, by drinking a little vinegar before eating, your digestive system begins to work and when food is taken, the food is supposed to be digested quicker. In other words, you would burn off the food faster because your digestive system is processing the food faster.

Hope it makes sense.

Take care.

Barbara said...

Beautiful blossoms. I my one visit to Japan in 1991 was in spring and the blossoms were like snow on the ground. Truly beautiful.

K and S said...

Thanks Barbara, the cherry blossoms should be blooming any day now, I love seeing the petals floating on the rivers.

Take care.