Saturday, August 08, 2009

couscous salad

Here is one of the salads that we've been eating...a pasta type salad made with Trader Joe's Harvest Grain Blend.

The blend has couscous, orzo, quinoa & lentils.

I have only been to Trader Joe's once, on a trip to Las Vegas and loved their selection of chocolates and dried fruits.

My mom received this blend from our neighbor. Since she didn't know how to cook or serve this, she let my Aunty and me split it up.

I made some macadamia basil pesto then tossed it with the cooked grains, tomatoes, cucumber, some parsley, pepper and some parmesan cheese.

Chilled, it was delicious.


genkitummy said...

Your couscous salad looks tasty!
I love Trader Joe's! The breads and frozen foods are pretty good too!

Donna said...

That sounds delicious! I usually just cook the mix in chicken broth and serve as a side, but I really like what you did with it--I think I might have half a bag in the cupboard.

Mary and Sean said...

This looks wonderful and refreshing for summer!

By the way Kat,
I'm starting a weekly "what was your favorite meal of the week?" post on fridays and wondered if you'd be interested?

It's kind of a foodie friday. I'm trying to collaborate with other food and travel lovers, so it's interesting to see what everyone's eating all around the world... basically, you just let me know which one of your meals was favorite and then I make a list of our links in my Friday post. It's a great way to share all our wonderful food experiences. Let me know if you'd like to participate...Thanks!

K and S said...

Thanks Genki :)

Thanks Donna, hope you like it :)

Take care you two.

K and S said...

Thanks Mary & Sean :) will think about joining your project!

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I have some of that mix in my pantry I picked up a few bags when I was in Portland. I like what you did with it--gonna have to try that!

K and S said...

wow a lot of people have this mix, Debinhawaii :) hope you like the salad.

Take care.

Deb said...

i've never tried that...this looks yummy! macadamia basil pesto - wow, sounds soooooo good:)

K and S said...

Deb, if I have those garlic onion flavored mac nuts, they make for a more flavorful pesto. just follow a pesto recipe then sub the mac nuts for the pine nuts.

take care.

Rowena said...

...couscous, orzo, quinoa & lentils. - I'm making note of this combo; sounds like a lot of interesting taste and texture.

K and S said...

Rowena, there is more couscous, orzo and quinoa than lentils, so the texture is more pasta-y like the orzo than bean-y like the lentils...

Take care.