Monday, August 03, 2009

hiro coffee

Near the Hankyu Makiochi station is Hiro Coffee. I read somewhere that the owner grows his own coffee in Okinawa. There are several shops around Osaka, and this one is closest to where we live.

When we first found this cafe we'd go almost every weekend. But since then, we've memorized the menu and had gotten a bit tired of it.

Since it had been some time since we'd last visited here, we decided to check them out for breakfast on Saturday.

I got their french toast 350 yen (about US$3.50). 3 pieces of brioche dipped in an egg mixture then dusted with cocoa powder. It is served with a tiny pitcher of maple syrup but there is just enough to finish the dish.

Satoshi ordered their egg toast...1 thick piece of bread covered with egg salad then toasted...100 yen (about US$1) .

We also ordered 2 green salads...100 yen each (about US$1).

Their coffee is really good there, Satoshi usually orders the "2 cup"--this is a pot with 2 cups worth of coffee in it. 450 yen for the coffee plus 150 for the extra cup....600 yen (about US$6).

I ordered their dutch iced coffee...450 yen (about US$4.50), this is a cold water pressed coffee, strong and delicious.

Total for our meal was 1700 (about US$17) but with a discount taken off with our point card our bill came out to 943 yen (about US$9.43).

Not a bad way to start the weekend despite the rain.

Hiro Coffee
4-18-3 Sakura
Makiochi, Minoo
Phone: 072.722.1075
Open everyday 8:00-22:30


Deb in Hawaii said...

Impressive point card--that took a lot off! French toast sounds really good right now.

Anonymous said...

Yum! looks and sounds delicious.

Dennis K. said...

I didn't know coffee can be grown in Okinawa.. The french toast looks great!

Rona Y said...

I've got a Hiro near my place, too! I love it because they actually have decaf (beans), and they grind the beans for each cup.

For food I've only had the croque monsieur and it kind of sucked (really bad quality ham), but I'm dying to try the desserts. One of the 2008 World Pastry Competition team members is the pastry guy for Hiro (Japan got 2nd place that year). The cakes look good, but it's always way too crowded for me to want to stick around to try them!

(My Hiro has a really great bakery attached to it, too! Does yours?)

K and S said...

Hope you get some french toast Debinhawaii :)

Thanks Gyllendogs :)

I was surprised too, and want to check it out the next time I am there, Dennis K, I heard it is on the northern area of mainland Okinawa.

We've had some of their cakes Rona and loved them, hope you get to try them too. My Hiro only has the showcase, they bring in the desserts from their bakery.

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

Sounds great for a weekend breakfast!

Rona Y said...

I just looked at their website, and the NishiKita branch is the only one with a bread bakery--I guess I'm lucky! Or not, if you consider the pounds I put on from eating their pastries. . .

K and S said...

I just wish they would do away with the smoking area Rowena...

Thanks Rona, I guess that is why they have such great bread :) You are lucky to be so close!

Take care you two.

Mary and Sean said...

We've been to Hiro's coffee farm in Okinawa. It's the wackiest place-- think trailer park meets organic farming with Xmas lights and chickens running around. The coffee is great, though! here's the link to that post with pictures if you're curious.

He also makes something called "coffee jam" which we've never tried... I'm curious.

K and S said...

Thanks Mary & Sean, it was a great post :) I hope to visit that farm one day!

Take care.