Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Friday, we had flurries and even a little snow. Most of if melted by the time the sun came out on Saturday.

Saturday, I went out for a walk and noticed two ume trees in Suigetsu Park have bloomed. In the afternoon, we had more flurries and a little more snow. It was nice watching it whizz by the window like we were in some kind of "spin cycle" with some styrofoam.

Sunday, we awoke to a beautiful blue sky and sun! but it was still very cold. Not wanting to stay indoors all day, Satoshi and I walked to Ikeda for lunch.

We tried a ramen shop called Kazuya. It is located right next door to the Rakugo museum. I've talked about rakugo before, here.

Satoshi ordered the mini shio ramen (salt broth noodles) with kaisendon (seafood bowl)...1030 yen.

This was so...small! The ramen had barely anything in there and the noodles were really thin.

I ordered the shio ramen with sakura ebi (sergia lucens) and veggies....850 yen.

My bowl of noodles were at least 3 times the size of Satoshi bowl of noodles.

After eating about a fourth of my bowl, I gave the rest to Satoshi and ate his bowl of noodles.

He felt bad because he knew how small his bowl was, but I felt even worse because his meal had so little.

The service was really spotty close to being bad even with the crowd they had.

While the broth was delicious, in the end, we decided this ramen shop was not worth coming back for.

Kazuya (UPDATE: no longer in business)
7-4 Sakaehonmachi
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 072.751.8228
Closed Mondays


jalna said...

"spin cycle" with styrofoam - neat description.

K and S said...

it seriously was the "spin cycle" Jalna :o

Take care.

Rowena said...

I'm looking at your ramen and feeling a lot or probably exactly how Satoshi felt. His ramen would only tickle my tummy!

K and S said...

that's why I gave him mine Rowena, cannot feed a guy this type of portions :(

Take care.

K said...

It looked like a great place for a cold day, too bad the food didn't quite measure up!

K and S said...

so true K :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Nice of you to share. ;-)

K and S said...

thanks Deb :)

Take care.