Wednesday, February 01, 2012


 I learned a new acronym

In Japanese, literally, it means "grandchildren are kind", but when you look at each syllable, they stand for foods we should be eating.

Ma is Mame (mah-may = beans) especially soy and adzuki, for magnesium

Go is Goma (goh-mah = sesame seeds) this includes nuts like almonds & walnuts for vitamin E

Wa is Wakame (wah-kah-may = seaweed) like nori for iodine & calcium

Ya is Yasai (yah-sigh = vegetables) including root vegetables, for beta-carotene & vitamin C

Sa is Sakana (sah-kah-nah = fish) especially those with omega-3 oils

Shi is Shiitake (she-ee-tah-kay = mushrooms) and all other types of mushrooms for fiber

I is Imo (ee-mow = potatoes) including sweet potatoes for fiber and carbs

I think we eat quite a bit from this list already, but could see us upping our fish intake a little more.


jalna said...


Where is Japan said...

Japan is awesome :)

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

Thanks WIJ :)

Take care you two.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Wow...we definitely need this kind of reminder in the states :)

Perogyo said...

That's awesome. I have never heard this before but will use it and hope to wow friends!

Japan Australia said...

Very cool and a great way to reinforce what we all should be eating. I think I need a little more from column wa in my diet.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

we do need something like this in the States Lizzy :)

I just heard about it Medea, but apparently it's been around for awhile now :)

hope you get more "wa", J-A :)

Take care everyone.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

I'm going for more fish, too! We all do take high-quality fish oil every day, though, which I'm sure is beneficial. Lemon flavor, and we add it to juice or green smoothies. Tastes great!

K and S said...

we take fish oil supplements Abigail, but I think eating the "real deal" should help us more :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

I agree on the fish part. Curious to see the types you can get there, the different cuts (aside from sashimi grade), and the cost! Hmmm...that's an idea for a blog post.

K and S said...

thanks for the idea Rowena :) though I probably will stay away from the whole types because I can't clean them to save my life!

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

So are the grandchildren supposed to be nice and make sure the grandparents are eating all that's on the list? ;-)

K and S said...

lol Deb :)

Take care.