Sunday, October 07, 2012

foodie thursday

Thursday I went to get my teeth cleaned (no cavities, yeah!).

Afterwards, I had lunch at Elmer's Green Cafe.

It had been some time since I had been there and I think their menu had changed a bit.

I ordered their Keema Curry lunch...850 yen. This came with a choice of a salad or pickles or dessert and a drink.

I chose their pickles and a cup of earl grey tea.

Under all of that green onion there is a soft boiled egg.

The curry was filling but could've been spicier. The pickles were delicious and puckery.

A couple of streets down from Elmer's is Tikal, a chocolate shop by Broadhurst.

Broadhurst is an English pastry chef, whom I visited about 5 years ago!

I tried 3 of his bon-bons...Elizabeth (crown) filled with lemon cream, Pistachio (rectangle) filled with pistachio cream & Guinness Cake (checker) filled with guinness cream...910 yen.

I enjoyed them all but my favorite has to be the Guinness one.

The skies were really grey but I'm glad I was able to get out and about.

Tikal by Cacao en Masse
3-3-3 Fushimi-machi, Shibakawa Building 1F
Chuo, Osaka
Phone: 06.6232.0144
Closed: Sundays


Rowena said...

Is this with the same dentist? (because I remembered that you were thinking of switching). The keema curry looks awesome with the mountain of green onions.

K and S said...

Rowena, This is the new dentist :) I was kinda overwhelmed when I saw all that green onion, but was happy it didn't much bite.

Take care.

Phil said...

Hi Kat,
Good to hear your teeth are doing well. I thought the curry could have been spicier as well. What's this area like during the week? It's always pretty quiet on weekends.

K and S said...

Thanks Phil! The place was kinda quiet also during the week.

Take care.

K said...

Hooray for no cavities!

K and S said...

indeed K :)

Take care.