Saturday, February 16, 2013

gas truck

During the winter you'll hear this cute children's song outside.

That's the cue that the gas truck is making its rounds in the neighborhood. Many people use the gas to heat their homes with gas stoves in the winter.

Our apartment complex does not allow the use of gas stoves, but I have seen some people in our building with plastic gas tanks...ahem.

Anyway, I shot this video of the truck when we went to Kyoto last Autumn.

And here is a video I found online of the song with english subtitles.

What do you use to heat your home during the winter?

p.s. here is a picture of the toumyo, I wrote about, 10, yeah?! (by the time this uploads we'll have eaten it and we'll be starting round 3)...


jalna said...

Yuuuuuki-ya kon kon . . . harareya kon kon . . . hum . . . hummmmmm . . . so cute da song!

K said...

Plastic gas tanks around the home?? yikes.

KirkK said...

We're lucky that we never have to heat our homes in the winter Kat....very lucky!

K and S said...

cute yeah Jalna?!

I know, K, I know.

you are lucky, Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

That is just too cute, and what surprised me is how small that truck was. Our gas line is underground, but there are clusters of older homes who all feed from one main tank placed outside, and the truck that replenishes it is kinda large. We've cut down on using gas for heating purposes since firewood is cheaper.

K and S said...

everything is small over here, Rowena ;)

Take care.

Martin J Frid said...

Here in Hanno, the truck plays a different melody, a really cheesy clarinet tune. Nothing says "winter" in Japan like waking up to that in the morning!