Saturday, February 23, 2013

les petites papillotes

Yesterday, Satoshi had the day off, so we went to check out a place we had been wanting to try for! They now only do dinner service...sigh.

We ended up eating at a place nearby, but it really wasn't worth talking about because they had terrible service.

So on to dessert.

We went back to try Les Petites Papillotes' desserts.

Satoshi went with their financier and a matcha chocolat chaud (green tea hot chocolate).

He liked the financier but the drink was way too sweet for his liking. I didn't try his drink but have a feeling they may have used milk chocolate to compensate the bitterness of matcha (green tea).

I chose their Levant and a cafe chocolat chaud (coffee hot chocolate).

The Levant was rich. A flaky crust topped with hazelnut praline, topped with a rich chocolate mousse glazed with a dark chocolate.

It was a bit messy to eat.

The cafe chocolat chaud wasn't sweet, but after such a rich dessert I would have preferred having black coffee or tea instead.

While I love chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), we were a bit disappointed that their drink menu only offered chocolate drinks.

I hope they add coffee and tea to their drink menu soon.

Until they do, I probably would just take out their desserts.


Rowena said...

Yep with all that sweetness, hot tea or coffee would've been so much better. That levant sounded sinful!

K and S said...

was a bit bummed they didn't serve coffee there Rowena :(

Take care.

K said...

That's strange they didn't serve coffee! That chocolate dessert looks delicious.

K and S said...

K, I know it is a "chocolate" shop, but still...

Take care.